Zomato’s Response To Virat Kohli’s Tweet On Losing His Phone Goes Viral


Cricketer Virat Kohli recently shared on microblogging. Site Twitter that he lost his new. He revealed that he lost his phone before unboxing it. He wrote, “Can’t beat the sad feeling of losing your new phone without even unboxing it. Has anyone seen this?” His tweet soon went viral and Zomato had the best solution.

Food delivery platforms offer a solution. Zomato replies that he should order. Ice cream from Bhabhi’s (Anushka Sharma) if it makes him feel better. “Feel free to order ice cream from Bhabi’s phone if that helps,” the tweet read.

Zomato's Response To Virat Kohli's Tweet On Losing His Phone Goes Viral

The tweet generated numerous reactions. While some showed concern, others assumed it could be a publicity stunt. One phone user wrote, “What if Bhabhi uses Swiggy.”

Another user commented, “Should have asked for your address to deliver the ice cream first. He must have paid from the available.”

A third user wrote, “Uninstall the app from Bhabhi’s if it helps.”

“You are a true business man…you have great ideas to make. A profit even in adverse situations,” phone  commented a fourth user.

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