WHO Alert On 2 Indian Syrups After Uzbekistan Child Deaths


GENEVA: The World Health Organization (WHO) has recommended. That two cough syrups manufactured by Noida-based company. Marion Biotech should not be used for children in Uzbekistan.
In a medical product alert on Wednesday. The WHO said “substandard medical products” manufactured. By Marion Biotech are “products that fail to meet quality standards or specifications. And are thus out of specification.”

“This WHO medical product alert refers to two substandard (contaminated) products identified in Uzbekistan. And reported to WHO on 22 December 2022. Substandard medical products are products that fail to meet quality standards or specifications. And are so out of specification,” WHO said on their website. The warning said.

“The two products are AMBRONOL SYRUP and DOK-1 MAX SYRUP. The stated manufacturer of both the products is MARION BIOTECH PVT. LTD, (UTTAR PRADESH, INDIA). Till date, the stated manufacturer has not provided.

Noida-based pharma Marion Biotech has come under a cloud. After reports of children dying after consuming cough syrup from Uzbekistan.

According to the WHO, laboratory analysis of samples of cough syrups conducted. By the National Quality Control Laboratory of the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Uzbekistan showed. That both products contained unacceptable amounts of diethylene glycol. And ethylene glycol as contaminants.

“Both of these products may have marketing authorization in other countries in the region. They may be distributed through informal markets, in other countries or regions,” the WHO warning added.

The UN health agency added that “the substandard products mentioned in this warning are unsafe. And their use, especially by children, may cause serious injury or death.”

On December 22, Uzbekistan reported that 18 children had died. After consuming a drug made by Marion Biotech Company. On Tuesday, Uttar Pradesh’s Food Safety and Drug Administration Department suspended. The manufacturing license of Marion Biotech Company, linked to the deaths of 18 children in Uzbekistan.

“We have suspended the manufacturing license of Marion Biotech Company. By the state licensing authorities depending on the documents asked during inspection. Which they did not provide,” said Gautam Buddha Nagar Drug. Inspector Vaibhav Babbar.

He added that the results of the samples are still pending.

Last month, Union Health Minister Mansukh Mandaviya said. That all manufacturing operations of the Noida-based pharma company have been stopped. The wake of reports of contamination in cough syrup Doc 1 Max.

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