Watch: Mercedes Owner Throws Cash On The Ground At Petrol Station, Female Attendant Breaks Down


People often let false pride get the best of them without realizing that such behavior can be harmful to others. Recently, a car owner’s disrespectful behavior towards a gas station employee in China has taken the internet by storm. Video shared on Reddit shows the owner of a luxury car throwing money out of the window after filling up at a gas station, leaving employees crying.

Watch: Mercedes Owner Throws Cash On The Ground At Petrol Station, Female Attendant Breaks Down

The video was shared with a caption that read, “Throwing money on the ground for a gas station worker.”

In the undated 50-second clip, a black Mercedes car is seen pulling into a gas station to fill up with fuel. The lady attendant is seen immediately filling the car with petrol, after which she proceeds to pay the owner. Instead of paying him respectfully, the owner drops a few notes on the ground. Although she picks up the notes after the car leaves the station, she breaks down in tears, feeling humiliated. At the end of the video, she is seen wiping away tears.

Internet users who watched the clip were outraged by the video and criticized the car owner for his rude behavior. Some called on authorities to ban cars from all gas stations.

One user reacted to the incident by writing, “This is very disappointing. Seeing him wipes away his tears….How do people treat themselves like this?” Another commented. ”It shows the true character of people when you see how they treat those less fortunate than themselves.”

A third added, “Why? Why do people have to be evil? No reason! It costs nothing to be beautiful!” Another wrote, “I believe karma catches up with people like this…..who knows what this woman is going through. I want to hug her, it hurts.” I want to hug him, it hurts.”

According to local media, the motorist said he did not want to drop the notes on the ground but was in a hurry during the incident. However, people were not convinced by the explanation.

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