Video: Toddler Says She Didn’t Like ‘Pathaan’, Shah Rukh Khan’s Reply


The movie is overwhelming at the box office, and after an exceptional 10 days. It is racing towards the ₹ 400 crore mark at the box office. Everyone is loving King Khan’s performance. And many have praised him for his outstanding physique.  Reacting to her video, Shah Rukh Khan got the sweetest response for her.

Video Toddler Says She Didn't Like 'Pathaan', Shah Rukh Khan's Reply

In the video, the user asks the girl, “Ahana, kounsi movie dekh ke aay thi (Which movie did you watch, Ahana)?” To which he replied, “Send.” The man then asks him, “Did you like it?” The child replies, “No.” But, he doesn’t explain the reason behind it and starts laughing.

This caught Shah Rukh Khan’s notice and he said that “he has to work harder now.” In a tweet, the actor said, “Oh oh!! Have to work harder now. Back to the drawing board. Young audience can’t be let down. Desh ke Yuva Ka Sawal Hai. PS: Please try DDLJ on him.. .. Maybe he’s the romantic type…you never know kids!” Many reacted to Mr Khan’s tweet. “Oh! My heart melts .. he’s such a charmer!” A user said.

“He literally reads every tag, this guy has never changed. And if he does he just gets better and better,” one user commented.

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A third said, “Pathan is so cute seeing so many videos of babies and kids and parents posting their videos. The future generation also now knows that Pathan is not just relay but real.

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