Tyre Nichols’ death: A summary and timeline of his encounter with Memphis police officers


Nichols was hospitalized in critical condition. After the encounter and died three days later.
Four harrowing videos released Friday evening. By the city of Memphis show the brutal and ultimately fatal attack. On 29-year-old Tyree Nichols, who was pulled over during a traffic stop on Jan. 7 and died three days later. Officers conducted a traffic stop and detained Nichols


“I didn’t do anything,” Nichols replied.

An officer shouts “Get on the ground!”

Police said they stopped Nichols for reckless driving. But Memphis Police Chief Cerelin “C.J.” An investigation Friday morning. And a review of available camera footage found “no evidence” of that, Davis said.

Officers can be seen pinning Nichols to the ground. On his side while grabbing his weapon and giving him conflicting commands.

Officers chased Nichols on foot after he fled while officers attempted to use a stun gun on him. They called for backup, which arrived at about 8:29 p.m. and follows Nichols.

“Shut—up!” An officer yelled at Nichols.

“Help me!” officers told Nichols.

“You want to spray again?” an officer told Nichols.

Nichols yelled, “Mom!” Repeatedly. Police caught up with he in a neighborhood — less than 80 yards, his mother said, from his home.

The officers again asked Nichols to give him his hands. “Okay, okay,” she replies and moves her hands behind her back.

Officers continued to pepper-spray he in the eyes as he lay on the ground.

The officers straightened He and pinned his hands behind his back. 8:41 PM Medics arrive at the scene but are not providing any help
Nichols sits handcuffed on the sidewalk.

Two medics carried Nichols’ dismembered body in front of an unmarked police car. Nichols is conscious but visibly injured.  are not rendering aid at this point.Meanwhile, officers are standing around the scene discussing violent arrests.

“I hit that guy with a lot of shrapnel,” one officer told the group.

Body-camera footage reviewed by TTN News showed no sign. That Nichols reached for their weapon. Authorities have also not confirmed this account.

An officer claimed that during the initial traffic stop. He repeatedly tried to stop Nichols from driving.

“That guy swerved, swerved like he was going to hit my car. So I thought, God, what are we doing?” The officer said.

“He pulled into a red light, stopped at a red light, put on his turn signal,” the officer added.

The officer said he jumped out of his car and “the shit went out of there.”

The five officers involved in the case. Tadarius Bean, Demetrius Haley, Emmitt Martin III. Desmond Mills Jr. and Justin Smith — were fired. After an administrative investigation found they violated the department’s use-of-force policy.

The former officers, all members of the department’s vaunted Scorpion unit. Two counts of official misconduct, two counts of aggravated kidnapping. One count of official oppression and one count of aggravated assault.

At a news conference Friday, Nichols’ family and attorneys praised. the swift charges and investigation.

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