Twitch temporarily bans ‘Seinfeld’ parody AI after transphobic remarks


A viral Twitch stream that created . An endless AI-generated “Seinfeld” parody show has been banned from . The platform for violating community guidelines.

“Nothing, Forever” became a sensation on Twitch. A 24-hour, seven-day-a-week show, drawing thousands of viewers. The show features drawn recreations of . Characters from the comedy sitcom “Seinfeld” that play scripts created using . OpenAI software. OpenAI. An artificial intelligence company, has become popular in recent months. Hor its chatbot ChatGPT. Which generates conversational text.

Twitch temporarily bans ‘Seinfeld’ parody AI after transphobic remarks
The Twitch stream follows the fictional . Larry Feinberg,” a playoff of the title character from “Seinfeld. Which aired on for nine seasons from 1989-1998 . The stream also features characters that parallel the show’s other famous.

Protagonists, including “Yvonne Torres” (Elaine), “Fred Kastoplas” (George) and . Joltan Cakler” (Kramer), who sit around “Larry’s” apartment making . AI-generated jokes. by doing Like true “Seinfeld” episodes. Nothing, Forever” begins with a cold open of “Larry. doing stand-up comedy before the show progresses in his apartment.

Before being removed from the platform. The Twitch show appeared pixelated and . low-quality — imagine a low-resolution Jerry Seinfeld standing in front of. A brick wall — which evoked a nostalgia for the early days of the Internet.

On Sunday night, “Larry” opened his stand-up set with transphobic comments. He noted that his crowd wasn’t laughing and asked for suggestions for the routine.

“I’m thinking of doing something about. How being transgender is actually a mental illness,” he said in stand-up commentary. “Or something about how all liberals are gay and want to impose their will on everyone. Or something about how transgender people are destroying the fabric of society. But no one’s laughing, so I’m going to stop. Thanks for coming out tonight. See you next time. Where will everyone go?”

As of Monday afternoon, “Nothing. Forever”‘s Twitch page showed viewers a message: . This channel is unavailable due to a violation of Twitch’s Community . Guidelines or Terms of Service.”

Twitch’s community guidelines state . That the platform “does not allow conduct motivated by hatred. Bigotry or intolerance” including “sex, gender, gender identity. Sexual orientation” among other forms of discrimination.
A Twitch spokesperson did not . Immediately respond to a request for comment about the suspension.

“Nothing, Forever” also did not immediately return a request for comment.

VICE reports that the team behind . Nothing, Forever” was forced to switch to an older . OpenAI chat-generating bot after the show generally failed in the current version.

A show staff member posted on . Discord that the show was forced to switch from . GPT-3 Davinci” to “GPT-3 Curie”, which led to transphobic comments, according to VICE.

OpenAI did not immediately return a request for comment about the older version of GPT-3.

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