Trail of blood near car of missing Virginia father led to nearby woods, family says

Trail of blood near car of missing Virginia father led to nearby woods, family says


The family of a Virginia father who went missing days before Christmas found a trail of blood from his abandoned car in nearby woods, relatives said.

Jose Guerrero’s girlfriend said a “large amount of blood”. Was found in the back seat of his abandoned Hyundai two days after his Dec. 21 disappearance in Woodbridge, 23 miles south of Washington, DC.

Missing Virginia father

First Sergeant Jonathan Perok of the Prince William County Police Department declined to comment on the discovery, saying in an email, that the agency would release “relevant details as needed” in what it before described as an investigation into Guerrero’s suspicious disappearance.

“Our message is and continues to be to urge anyone with information to come forward,” he said.

Sheila Perez, Guerrero’s girlfriend, said he didn’t say what he planned to do before leaving the house — but she said Guerrero told her he’d be back in five to 10 minutes.

Perez, who has 10-month-old Guerrero with her, said she reported him missing when he didn’t return. The family later found his car less than 2 miles from his home, Perez said

“My son would never do anything or hurt anyone,” said Andrea Salgado, Guerrero’s mother. “There was no Christmas for us. There was no celebration. We were grieving for my son.”

Perez accused Prince William County police of failing to take her missing person’s report seriously, leading authorities to believe she would run away “or some other excuse,” she said.

In the email, Peroc said there was no indication that Guerrero, 20, was in danger when she was initially reported missing. Friday night after his car was found and “after additional information was learned,” Perak said.

“We have since then worked non-stop on the case on weekends and now,” he said. “We have conducted numerous searches, and followed multiple leads that have not located him. What we need right now is information and cooperation that we are not fully receiving from those connected to Jose.”

Guerrero’s loved ones are also scouring the area where his car was found.

“I don’t have to look for him here,” Perez said as he searched the woods. “We should be home.”

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