Theft At Delhi Car Horror Victim’s Home, Family Allege Friend’s Role


New Delhi: A burglary was reported today from the house of Anjali Singh. The woman who died a gruesome death on New Year’s Day. Anjali’s family members claimed that thieves broke the lock of their house in Karan Vihar and among the items stolen was an LCD TV.

Speaking to ANI on Monday morning, Anjali’s sister said. “Our neighbors first informed us about the theft around 7.30 am. We came here to find the locks broken. LCD TV and other household items piled down. The bed is missing. The television is new. It’s been two months since we bought it.”

Another family member questioned the role of the Delhi Police. “Why wasn’t the police in front of the house yesterday? The police were there for the last 8 days but nobody was there yesterday. Nidhi is behind the theft.”

Police said the investigation is ongoing.

Earlier Anjali’s uncle claimed her friend Nidhi. The seven accused in the case are now in the custody of the Delhi Police.

“Nidhi was hidden earlier. Now she has come forward after Anjali’s funeral. When the incident happened, didn’t she have the humanity to inform the police or the family?  It’s Nidhi’s conspiracy.” “, Anjali’s uncle told ANI.

He says Anjali had no drinking habit and her friend is lying. “My niece was not in the habit of drinking. The postmortem report would have mentioned it. That means Nidhi is lying,” he said.

20-year-old Anjali died in the early hours of January. 

An examination of the CCTV footage helped the Delhi Police to identify. And record the statement of Nidhi riding the pillion with the deceased at the time of the accident.

The seven accused in the case are now in the custody of the Delhi Police.

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