Tennessee police chief is fired after investigator concludes he was aware of a sex scandal that roiled the department


La Vergne Police Chief Burrell “Chip” Davis was ousted. After the female officer at the center of the scandal filed a federal complaint.
The Tennessee police chief whose department was rocked by revelations. That at least five male officers had sex with a female officer — both on and off the job — has been fired.


La Vergne Police Chief Burrell “Chip” Davis was fired Monday. After a “third-party investigator” concluded he was aware. Of what was going on but failed to discipline any officers, the city said in a statement.

“The conclusion also states that Davis obstructed an initial investigation of sexual misconduct. ‘Contrary to city policy and permitted. If not encouraged — conduct potentially in violation of state and federal law.” the statement said.

Deputy Chief Brent Hatcher has been named interim chief. Of the 60-person Nashville suburban department. While the city searches for a permanent replacement.

“There are no words to describe the disappointment. and frustration felt by myself and other city leaders,” said La Vergne Mayor Jason Cole. “Officers are held to a high standard, even more so by their chiefs.”

Davis’ departure comes after Megan Hall, the former officer at the center of the sex scandal. Filed a complaint with the state Equal Employment Opportunity Commission alleging. That Davis created an environment that encouraged such illegal behavior. TTN affiliate WSMV in Nashville reported. . The former chief, who is not accused of sexual misconduct, was placed. On paid administrative leave after the city was notified. That Hall had filed an EEOC complaint, according to the affiliate.

“The actions of a few do not represent the entire department.” Davis declared last month when the story broke. The officers involved have been accused of attending. “Girls gone wild”-style parties, having sex in police stations. And sharing cellphone photos of their genitalia.

Hall was fired last month along with four male officers: Sgt. Lewis Powell, Sgt. Henry Ty McGowan. Detective Seneca Shields and Officer Juan Lugo-Perez.

Officers Larry Holladay, Patrick Magliocco and Gavin Schoeberle were fired.

Magliocco and Schweberl returned from their suspensions. While Holladay resigned from the force, city spokeswoman Anne Smith said.

Besides to trying to reach Davis for comment. TTN News reached out to all the fired or terminated officers but did not receive a response. They are also accused of violating departmental rules against having sex while. On duty, as well as obstructing an investigation by lying about their work. The department’s investigation began Dec. 12. When a police sergeant told Cole that Hall “had an intimate relationship.” With fellow officers, allegations detailed. In graphic detail in a report obtained by WSMV.

Under questioning, Powell, Magliocco, Holladay. Shields and Lugo-Perez all admitted to having sex with Hall, the report said.

Hall also admitted to having sex with those officers and McGowan. He said he also shared nude photos with Holladay, Magliocco, McGowan and Schoberl.

Shields told city investigators that. After Hall initially claimed police performed oral sex on him. At the gym, “I never had sex with Megan Hall,” the report said.

Powell also initially denied having sex with Hall, the report said. She later admitted to the report that she had also engaged in oral sex with Hall, who was on duty at a police substation.

Magliocco told investigators that besides to having sex with Hall. He offered to “work” with her and his wife. Holladay also reported that Hall came up with the idea of having a threesome with her and her “ex.

In what the report described as a controversial interview with police brass. McGowan admitted he went to Hall’s home with another woman and exposed her genitalia. He is also accused of trying to intimidate a city human resources assistant.

“McGowan claimed it was playful but it was unwanted. And an aggressive physical contact not allowed in the workplace,” the report said.

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