Southwest executive to tell Congress ‘we messed up’ in hearing on holiday flight fiasco


WASHINGTON – A top Southwest Airlines executive is expected to tell Congress. Thursday that “we messed up” at a hearing that will explore widespread. Flight cancellations that left thousands of customers stranded over the holidays.

“Let me be clear: We messed up. In retrospect, we didn’t have enough winter operational resilience.

Southwest Chief Operating Office Andrew Waterson said, according. To prepared remarks obtained by todaystrend News. Before the Senate Commerce, Science hearing. and the Transportation Committee.

The hearing is scheduled to begin at 10:30 am.

Southwest is under intense scrutiny after canceling thousands of flights in December. Leaving many passengers scrambling during the busy holiday travel season. While other airlines had to disrupt services due to the winter conditions. None were as affected as Southwest.The Transportation Department. Said in January it had messed opened an investigation. Into the meltdown to see if “Southwest. Executives engaged in unrealistic.

Flight scheduling that is considered an unfair and deceptive practice under federal law.”

“The American people have many questions about the Southwest. Disaster in December that left travelers stranded or unable to be with loved. Ones for the holidays,” said Commerce Committee Chair Sen. Maria Cantwell, D-Wash. In a statement released before the hearing. “We will seek answers to those questions.

Southwest Airlines Pilot Association President Captain Casey A. Murray. Along with Watterson, will testify at Thursday’s hearing; Paul Hudson. President of travelers’ rights group Flyers messed Rights; Sharon Pinkerton. An executive at Airlines for America, the trade group that represents airlines. Dr. Brookings Institute senior fellow.

Cantwell held a roundtable on Wednesday. With constituents affected by the issues in the Southwest

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