Southern ice storm prompts cancellations of more than 800 flights


Cancellations According to the flight-tracking group ., ice storms in parts of the southern . United States prompted the cancellation of about 865 domestic . Flights in the past 24 hours — increasing the number of disruptions last year. cancellations

The storm was centered in the . Dallas-Fort Worth metropolitan area, home to both American and . Southwest Airlines though the majority of affected flights were on Southwest. With 419 canceled departures by early Monday afternoon, according to FlightAware. An alternative measure of cancellation rates on . The flight-tracking site shows that 9% of . Southwest flights are canceled compared to 6% of American flights.

In a statement to. A Southwest Airlines spokesperson described how it is responding to . This latest storm: “Based on current and forecasted weather conditions. Our team has adjusted schedules to support . Our operations at airports affected by the winter storm.”


“Above all, our main focus is on the safety of our employees and customers,” the spokesperson said.

On Monday, it issued a winter weather waiver for 12 airports in the region . That will allow affected travelers to get refunds or rebook for canceled flights from Jan. 30 to Feb. 1.

The outsize Southwest cancellations . Come weeks after the holiday travel meltdown requested 17,000 flight . Cancellations, affecting millions of travelers. Southwest said a disruptive winter . Storm set off a chain reaction of equipment, technology, personnel . And procedural issues that led to mass cancellations.

Tips for rebooking a flight
. Online and start looking for alternative forms of travel. Experts say Google’s flight search option is your best bet for finding the . Most up-to-date options for getting a new flight, which are searchable . By several criteria, including price.

If you’re strapped for cash. And want to rebook, you’ll still want to try calling the airline before . Or waiting in line with a personal rebooking agent. Note: Not all major airlines have rebooking agreements with other carriers. The ones that do are: Alaska, American, Delta, Hawaiian, JetBlue and United. Those that are not are: Allegiant, Frontier, Southwest and Spirit

This means you don’t have to accept the airline’s voucher offer. According to the Department of Transportation. If an airline cancels a passenger’s flight or makes a significant change to. The flight, for whatever reason, the airline must immediately . Refund ticketed passengers cancellations

, including non-refundable tickets. The passenger chooses not to accept an alternative offer such . As rebooking on another flight.” cancellations

Unfortunately, you have certain rights.
According to the US Department of . Transportation website, only maintenance or crew issues, cabin cleaning . Baggage loading and fueling calculations are within an airline’s control. cancellations

Or meal cash/voucher and, excluding Frontier Airlines. Free hotel accommodation and complimentary overnight ground. Transportation to and from a hotel cancellation Click here for more information.


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