Solomon Pena was belligerent to neighbors who opposed his political views, condo official says


An unsuccessful GOP candidate for local office is accused of hiring. Four people to shoot up the homes of Democratic leaders in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

Solomon Pena was belligerent to neighbors who opposed his political views, condo official says (2)

ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. — A failed Republican candidate accused of hiring people. To shoot up the homes of local Democratic leaders. Often campaigned against President Joe Biden. And was hostile toward neighbors who opposed his political views. A homeowners association board member said Tuesday.

Tom Parks, a board member of the Six Hundred Alcalde West condominium. Also said some residents are concerned That Solomon Pena, who was arrested Monday. May post bail and live near a potentially dangerous neighbor.

Penn’s behavior came to a tipping point about a year ago. When the homeowners association forced him to remove. A banner from a window because it violated housing code.
The banner read, “F—- Biden and whoever voted for him,” Parks said.

“We had him take it down, because it violated one of our building guidelines. Which is you can’t put flags in the windows,” Parks said.

Out four shootings at Albuquerque-area homes. Belonging to two Democratic Bernalillo County commissioners. And two state legislators, Albuquerque police said.

Police said Pena is likely the incumbent Democrat Miguel P. Garcia won 74% to 26%.

Albuquerque police spokesman Gilbert Gallegos said at a news conference. Monday that Peña claimed his defeat was the result of election fraud.

Pena, who owned a unit in the gated community just a few miles. From downtown Albuquerque, was generally a good resident. But he often clashed with neighbors whose political views did not align with his, Parks said.

Sharon Bode, who lives in the same building as Pena. Remembered him “getting people fired up during the election.” He left profanity on his window and on his car that “criticized Joe Biden,” Bode said.

He said, the people of the building were not happy.

Bode said his partner, who died a year ago, had several interactions with Pena.

“My partner got into difficult, unwanted conversations with him. As he came in and out of the building,” Bode said. “He’s not a gentle, nice person.”

Parks said Peña often expressed his political views.

“You didn’t necessarily want to get in the elevator with him. Because you might not have a good conversation,” Parks said. “He was a little belligerent in his tone at times.”

The Penner building was relatively quiet Tuesday evening, a change from Monday. When about 35 SWAT team members and two snipers stood watch from atop an adjacent building.

Dion J. Hampton reports from Albuquerque, New Mexico, and Myrna Alsharif from New York.

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