Shah Rukh Khan Was Asked To Give A “Genuine Review” Of Pathaan. His Reply


  New Delhi:

Ahead of the release of Pathan. Shah Rukh Khan decided to interact with fans through his Twitter AMA. Session on Saturday and it was what SRK fans expected. – Candid conversations, discussions about his film Pathan. And above all, SRK’s sense of humour. “15 minutes #AsKSRK to thank you for the love and spread some more fun on Saturday.” Shah Rukh Khan announced the session with the words. A Twitter user asked SRK to give a “genuine review” of Pathan. “Sir pls send your genuine review about the film,” read the query. Shahrukh Khan’s reply was this: “We are creators, not critics. A portfolio of different works…the joy of making a film is the most…nothing else.”

Another Twitter user asked about the kind of response Pathan has received so far. (trailer and songs), to which SRK replied: “It feels good.

A Twitter user asked SRK what his son thinks about AbRam Pathan.

“He saw the trailer and loved the jet pack sequence… Now he wants one,” replied Shah Rukh Khan.

“Have you ever walked into a theater watching your own movie to see the reaction of the fans,” asked one fan. SRK’s reply: “No haven’t done. That in a long time…also not released…for Pathan it’s the kind of film that should be seen When. The audience is full.”Pathan is one of the most awaited films of 2023. The film is directed by Siddharth Anand and produced by Yash Raj Films. The film stars Deepika Padukone alongside SRK. And stars John Abraham as the antagonist. In Pathan, John Abraham plays the role of the leader of a private terrorist group. Whose sole aim is to destroy India. Who work together to save India from John Abraham’s evil mission.

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