Republicans blast Biden, saying suspected Chinese spy balloon proves U.S. isn’t deterring Xi

Republicans blast Biden, saying suspected Chinese spy balloon proves U.S. isn’t deterring Xi. WASHINGTON — Top Republicans in Congress are demanding answers from. The Biden administration over suspected Chinese surveillance balloons. That have been hovering over the northern United States for the past few days.

They lashed out at President Joe Biden, arguing that the incident proves that US posture.

And policy toward China is not deterring the communist nation. Many prominent Republicans also suggested. That the United States should have shot down the balloon.
Staff members of the so-called. “Gang of Eight” group of bipartisan leaders in the Highlands were given. A classified briefing in the balloon Thursday afternoon. Three sources told Todaystrendnews News on Friday. House Speaker Kevin McCarthy, one of the eight lawmakers, tweeted late Thursday. That he was requesting a meeting for the group. But most members of the leadership likely had already left Washington over the weekend. By the time a briefing materialized.
“China’s blatant disregard for US sovereignty is an unsustainable move that must be addressed. And President Biden cannot afford to remain silent,” McCarthy tweeted.
The high-altitude balloon was spotted over Billings. Montana after flying through the Aleutian Islands and Canada on Wednesday. A senior defense official said Thursday. That the balloon was still over the United States but declined to disclose its location.
Several top Republicans, including former President Donald Trump. On Friday called on the Biden administration to shoot down the balloon. Which some military leaders discussed.

Trump posted on his platform Truth Social, “Bring down the balloons!”

Sen. Tom Cotton, R-Ark., one of the most vocal critics of the Chinese government in Congress. And U.S. policy toward China, called on the U.S. government to bring down the balloon.
“President Biden should stop pandering and appeasing the Chinese Communists. Bring down the balloon now and deploy its technological package. Which could be an intelligence bonanza,” Cotton said, “and President Biden. And Secretary Austin have to answer if this [balloon] was detected in Alaskan airspace. If so, why didn’t we bring it down there? If not, why not? As usual, the Chinese Communist provocation was weakness. And hand- Legs are seen shaking.”
Sen. Marco Rubio, R-Fla., the ranking member of the Senate Intelligence Committee, tweeted. It was a mistake not to shoot down the Chinese spy balloon when it was over a populated area. It’s not a hot air balloon, it has a large payload roughly the size of two city buses and the ability to maneuver .”
China said on Friday that the balloon was a “civilian airship” used for meteorological research that must have blown up.
Beijing’s foreign ministry said in a statement on its website. That “the Chinese side regrets the unintended. Entry of the airship into US airspace due to force” – strong winds. And lack of steering power that caused the object to veer “too far away”. planned course.”
But Sen. Rick Scott, R-Fla., another outspoken China critic. Claims the balloon proves the Chinese president is spying on the United States.
“Xi is spying on America because he doesn’t fear or respect @JoeBiden. Communist China is our enemy, and Biden needs to wake up and start acting like it,” he tweeted.
Both Montana senators, Republican Steve Daines. And Democrat Jon Tester, expressed concern about the balloon remaining in their airspace. Daines sent a letter to Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin on Thursday. Requesting a full security briefing from the administration of this situation.” Tester on Friday called the situation “unacceptable” and vowed to “protect Montana. And our national security from hostile adversaries like China.”
The examiner’s office said he is expected to receive a classified briefing on the situation.
When he returns to Washington next week. Ahead of news of the balloon burst, a classified briefing for all senators focused. On China was before scheduled for February 15.
The top Democrats and Republicans on the House Select Committee focused. On competition between the United States and China released a joint statement. On the situation, saying China has become a domestic threat.
“The Chinese Communist Party should not have on-demand access to American airspace,” said. Reps. Mike Gallagher, R-Wis., and Raja Krishnamoorthy, D-Ill., said. “This is not only a violation of American sovereignty. Coming days before Secretary Blinken’s visit to the PRC. But it also makes it clear that the CCP’s recent diplomatic moves do not represent a significant change in policy. Indeed. This incident demonstrates that the CCP threat is not confined to distant shores. It Here at home and we must deal with this threat.”
Blinken was expected to travel to China on Friday evening, a trip before planned. But a senior State Department official

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