Qantas plane lands safely after mayday call over Pacific

A Qantas flight from New Zealand to Sydney landed safely on a single engine. After issuing a mayday call over the Pacific Ocean on Wednesday. Qantas Flight 144 landed at Sydney Airport from Auckland.
New Zealand after a 3.5-hour flight between the neighboring countries’ most populous cities with 145 passengers on board.
The Boeing 737-838 “experienced a problem” with one of its. Two engines about an hour from Sydney, Qantas said in a statement.
The Mayday, which is issued when. A flight is in grave and imminent danger and requires immediate assistance. Was downgraded to a PAN-PAN – Potential Assistance Needed – before the flight landed.
“While inflight engine shutdowns are rare. And will naturally be a concern for passengers. Our pilots are trained to handle them safely and the aircraft is designed. To fly for an extended period of time on one engine,” Qantas said.
Passengers told reporters in Sydney that they were told an engine had failed when they got off the plane.
They described their engine malfunction experience as a “slight shudder” and “bumpy turbulence”. Some reported hearing explosions.
Sydney Airport said emergency crews, including firefighters. Ambulances and police, were on standby as a precaution.
Neil Hanford, chairman of Strategic Aviation Solutions, a Sydney-based industry consultancy. Said the 737 could fly faster and land safely on a single engine.

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