Prince Harry’s memoir, ‘Spare,’ which captures the ugly sides of royal life, hits bookshelves

LONDON – Prince Harry’s memoirs were published on Tuesday. After days of bombshell revelations and publicity interviews. Rvealing not only new details about the British royal family’s bitter internal conflict. But also how he fell in love with his future wife, Meghan Markle.

While many details of the book, titled “Spare,” have already been reported. Its release Monday at midnight local time (7 p.m. ET) will allow. The public to get their hands on a copy of the sneak peek-filled memoir. Families riven by discord and mistrust.

Some Britons may be the first to flock to bookshops overnight to buy a copy of “Spare”.

Chris Imafidon, chair of an education charity, bought three copies in a London shop.

“I want to be able to paint the picture myself, see it for myself. And then be able to say, OK, yes, things have changed or the person has evolved,” he told The Associated Press.

“But if I read in the newspapers, I’d be satisfied with hearing. Because every newspaper gives a completely different picture [of Prince Harry].”

Often fond of his family, particularly his grandmother. The late Queen Elizabeth II. Harry has described the breakdown of his relationship with his older brother Prince William. And his concern over his father, now King Charles III, being overshadowed by his sons. And their wives – something Harry said he noticed after announcing his engagement to Meghan.

Harry, 38, said his father “couldn’t stand someone dominating. The monarchy, grabbing the limelight, shiny and new coming in and overshadowing him”.

Harry claimed that by planting negative stories in the tabloid media. The royal family shared the blame for Harry. And Meghan feeling the need to leave the country for their own safety. A throughline throughout the book is his deep and abiding anger at the media. Which he says helped kill his mother, Princess Diana; the “oppressed” of royalty. And “wage a ruthless campaign” against Meghan.

“Every few minutes there was a new low.” Harry wrote of the time since their relationship went public in November 2016. uncontrollable lying.”

“After all, I wasn’t prepared for racism. Both dog-whistle racism, and blatant, vulgar, in-your-face racism,” Harry wrote.

Some of the book’s most striking passages include allegations. That Harry’s brother and heir to the throne, Prince William, assaulted him during an argument. That her stepmother, Camilla, the queen consort. Leaked private conversations to enhance her reputation. And his father, King Charles III, pleaded with his sons not to make his last years “miserable” with their arguments.

The release of such an open. And revealing account is almost unprecedented in the centuries-old history of Britain’s royals. Who, as Harry, double as both family and national institution. The book questions whether the monarchy can cope with the long-term damage. And even asks whether its future existence is now less certain.

The monarchy’s popularity rating halved from plus 44 to plus 18 in September 2022. According to new figures from British polling firm YouGov released on Tuesday.

“There may be some lasting damage to the royal family’s reputation. But not to the extent of diminishing consent for the monarchy.” Susanna Lipscomb, professor emerita at the University of Roehampton. And a royal historian, told NBC News. “Omit public opinion, I suspect it will be Harry’s popularity that will decline the most.”

Almost two-thirds of the British public now have a negative view of Harry, with a quarter expressing a positive view, according to a YouGov poll. This means that Harry’s net advantage rating is minus 38, the lowest and a far cry from 2011, when his score was plus 65.

Meghan’s approval rating has fallen to minus 42, YouGov said. Although he remains somewhat popular among 18- to 24-year-olds, even among this group his support has fallen .

Harry’s admissions and accusations could hurt his reputation in Britain. As his mother, Princess Diana, was criticized for sharing details of her divorce from Charles in a famous BBC interview in 1995.

But that criticism may not be in his adopted homeland, Lipscomb said.

“Harry has become troubled and angry. And these revelations have almost exhausted public sympathy. the UK public opinion is that Harry goes too far. Gone,” Lipscomb said.

“Harry has become troubled and angry. And there is a sense that he has stepped over a line: discretion is still valued. On this side of the pond, and these revelations have almost exhausted public sympathy. the UK public opinion is that Harry goes too far. Gone,” Lipscomb said.

In writing such an evocative account of his life. And giving an interview in which he discussed the deep rift with his father. Brother, Harry may reflect the stereotype of the open. And complex American – an image that appealed to Meghan’s meeting. before

Harry described how he had been warned from childhood. That Americans were “too loud, too rich, too happy. Too confident, too direct, too honest,” but he felt otherwise. “‘No,’ I always thought. ‘Yanks didn’t beat about the bush before coming to the point. Filling the air with polite snorts and throat-clearings. Whatever they had in mind, they spat like a sneeze. And that could be troublesome at times, I generally find it preferable to the alternative.

He also described how he fell in love with Meghan Markle after seeing her photo on a friend’s Instagram.

“This woman stopped the conveyor-belt. This woman tore the conveyor-belt to pieces. I’ve never seen anyone so beautiful,” Harry wrote.

“There was an energy about him, a wild joy and playfulness,” he added. “I have never had a strong opinion on this burning question: Is there a person for each of us in this world? But at that moment I felt that there could only be one face for me.

The book follows the couple’s Netflix series. Which aired many of their complaints over the course of six hours. Harry has also sat for high-profile TV interviews to promote the ghostwritten memoir. Royal palaces have declined to comment on memoirs and interviews. Sussex, through Arkwell, declined to comment on the record.

Harry says he still wants a reunion with his family and believes it is possible. But asked if he has burned his bridges with his father. And brother, Harry told ITV in an interview in December which aired on Sunday. “I’m sure how bridges are burning, to be honest. No. You know, silence only allows abuse, right? So I don’t know how being silent is going to make things better.”

He has also spoken to CBS’s “60 Minutes” and ABC’s “Good Morning America. And will appear on “The Late Show with Stephen Colbert.”

His family was “in bed with the devil” to get favorable tabloid coverage, he says.

Although Harry has waged war against the British media. And its intrusions and negative headlines, the story has been a huge boost for British papers. Which have covered every twist and turn, including the release of his much-anticipated book.

“The only winners here are the press feasting on the corpse of a once loving relationship. Said Emily Andrews, a veteran royal commentator and former British newspaper journalist.

“Harry and Meghan’s public image is repairable in the UK; it’s gone beyond that,” he added.

The end of the book details days of public visits and surprise breaks with the royal family. As Meghan and Harry moved their small family first to Canada. And then to the U.S. He says the Queen, under pressure from her family. Withdrew an invitation to meet and, she hoped, , will discuss ongoing family tensions.

Despite the danger his family was in and the disappointment. He felt for his family, Harry said he would “support my Queen, my Commander in Chief, my grandmother forever. Even after she’s gone.”

“My problem has never been with the monarchy or the idea of a monarchy. This is with the press and the ill relationship that has developed between it and the Palace. I love my motherland, and I love my family, and I always will.”

Harry has also clashed with his family, going to war with the media. And pushing his version of events for prime-time viewing and some bestsellers. Time will tell if this rift is irreparable.

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