President’s allies consider legal defense fund to support Hunter Biden in face of GOP-led probes


Allies of President Joe Biden support and his son, along with some outside groups. Have raised the possibility of a legal defense fund to support Hunter Biden. And others as they respond to investigations by the Republican-led Congress. According to three people involved in the discussions.

President's allies consider legal defense fund to support Hunter Biden in face of GOP-led probes

The potential legal effort, first reported by The Washington.

Post on Tuesday, could total more than $10 million, these people told todaystrendnews News.

Negotiations are in their early stages, and so far Hunter Biden’s legal. Advisers do not plan to set up a defense fund to help pay for representation in the face of a GOP investigation. That he considers baseless and political.

There are ongoing discussions support among Hunter Biden’s circle of advisers. about how to respond to the Republican investigation. and accompanying GOP attacks, many people with knowledge of the discussions said.

Until recently, the strategy has been to exercise caution. And restraint, preparing for future action until a federal criminal. Investigation into Delaware running back Hunter Biden decides whether to file charges.

That approach, but, could shift to a more active legal strategy in the coming months.

People familiar with the discussions said.

Hunter Biden’s team has generally discussed various options to respond to House Republicans. These people said, adding that plans have not been finalized.

Republicans have charged that Hunter Biden capitalized on his father’s political career. And connections for profit. GOP lawmakers have criticized a series of financial initiatives by Hunter Biden. Including his involvement on the board of a Ukrainian natural gas company in 2019. And his role as co-founder of an investment firm that support  helped a Chinese firm buy a Congolese cobalt mine. US companies in 2016.

Biden said the federal investigation would show “I conducted my affairs and .”

Rep. James Comer, R-Ky., the new Oversight Committee chairman. Accused the president of “influence peddling.” And dived into investigations into Hunter Biden.

And other Biden family members and associates.

Last week, Comer Hunter issued a letter to support  Biden’s art dealer. Georges Burgess, asking for documents from the gallery. And asking Burgess to appear for an interview with the committee in February.

Hunter Biden bolstered his legal team last month. Adding Abbey Lowell of the firm Winston & Strawn. To coordinate his response to the congressional probe and tell. On other legal issues and strategies.

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