Potentials Of Computers.. Steve Jobs 1985 Interview Goes Viral

“Potentials Of Computers…”: Steve Jobs 1985 Interview Goes Viral


Apple’s co-founder talked about how computers are going to affect the quality of thinking “as these tools become more available to them.”

Stories about Steve Jobs, co-founder of Apple, continue to emerge. Now, an old Playboy magazine interview has surfaced on the internet. In a candid interview with the magazine, Jobs talked about computers and making mistakes.
A Twitter user, Soleio, posted the short snippet caption. “Every time I use Chat GPT, I remember Steve Jobs describing this in a Playboy interview, February 1985.”

In the interview, the Apple founder talked about how computers are going to. The quality of thought “as more and more of these tools are available to them. People are tool users.”

Further in the interview, he talks about how computers can “capture the fundamental, underlying essence of an experience.”

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In another tweet, Solio wrote, “I especially love knowing that this is Steve Jobs who shipped the Macintosh and months before being ousted. Years before Apple, iMac, iPod, iPhone, iPad, etc.”

He added, “I’m absolutely convinced that a killer app in VR consists of ‘neural plasticity as a service’. Virtual environments can help people experience ideas and ways of thinking that just text. And images can’t capture in Western rational thought.” Ability to learn.”

In the interview, Jobs talked about what computer programming could do. “It can capture the underlying principles, the underlying essence. And then help thousands of experiences based on the understanding of the underlying principles,”

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