Police link 3 student deaths, 6 other overdoses to fentanyl from Dallas-area home


A pair is accused of selling pills to student ages 13 to 17 at three suburban schools. According to a newly released court document.
From a Dallas-area home, according to a newly unsealed court document.

The occupants of the home. To distribute and possession with intent to distribute a controlled substance. Authorities allege they sold “M30” pills that ended up in the hands. Of student at three schools in the Carrollton-Farmers Branch district.

Police link 3 student deaths, 6 other overdoses to fentanyl from Dallas-area home (1)

Investigators found 10 fentanyl. Overdoses involving student ages 13 to 17 in the Carrollton area since September. All attended RL Turner High School. DeWitt Perry Middle School and Dan F. Long Middle School in the same district. Three died; One overdosed twice and survived.

According to court documents, Navarrete and Cano live in a house between High School. And DeWitt Perry Middle School, a short distance from each.

“On many occasions, members of law enforcement observed Navarrete and Mejia Cano conduct. Hand-to-hand transactions with many individuals. Who sometimes arrived on foot and in vehicles,” the document states. “There was a lot of hand-to-hand dealing with teenage student at RL Turner High School.”

Two of the surviving student told law enforcement. officials they had taken M30 pills. Before being hospitalized, and one said he had bought many pills from Navarre. The Carrollton-Farmers Branch Independent School District. Did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

Investigators also identified eight minor drug dealers. 14- to 16-year-olds who attend high school. A package from Navarre at home and shared Instagram messages. Between him and Navarre with officers.

Attorneys for Navarrete and Cano declined to comment.

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