Poland pushes for tanks for Ukraine, will seek German OK


Poland will ask Germany for permission to send some of the Polish army’s Leopard tanks to Ukraine. Polish Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki said Monday. As he pressed Europe to send more military hardware to Kiev amid accusations. That Germany is moving too to help thwart Russia. attack

Morawiecki did not specify when the request would be made. He said that Poland is forming a coalition of countries ready to send Leopard 2 battle tanks to Ukraine.

Poland needs the consent of Germany, the tank maker, to ship to a non-NATO country.

But even without permission from Germany. Warsaw will make its own decisions, Morawiecki said.

Poland has become a leading European Union advocate for military aid to Ukraine. That could help defeat the Kremlin’s aggressors 11 months after the start of the war. Germany’s hesitation has drawn criticism, particularly from Poland. And the Baltic states, countries on NATO’s eastern flank. That feel particularly threatened by Russia’s new aggression.

Berlin, though it has provided large aid, has been criticized for dragging its feet on providing military hardware.

German government spokesman Stephane Hebstreit said on Monday that. It was important for Germany not to take “reckless” steps that it might later regret. Adding that the decision would not be rushed.

“These are difficult questions of life and death,” he added. “We have to ask what this means for the defense of our own country.

The Ukrainian government says the tanks. Particularly the Leopard, are vital to Kiev’s war effort.

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Earlier, Polish officials indicated that Finland. And Denmark were ready to join Warsaw in sending Leopards to Ukraine. The UK has promised to send some of its Challenger tanks.

“We will ask for (Germany’s) permission, but that is a secondary theme,” Morawiecki said. “Even if, in the end, we don’t get this permission. We within this small alliance – even if Germany is not in this alliance. We will hand over our tanks, with others, to Ukraine.”

Morawiecki said there had also been discussions “with our partners in Brussels” on the issue, referring to the 27-nation EU. Block

“, these are not easy negotiations. But we will take efforts to break this barrier of reluctance in various countries,” he said.

German Foreign Minister Annalena Bierbock told French television channel LCI on Sunday. That Poland had not sought approval to share some German-made Leopards with Berlin. But added “we will not stand in the way if we are asked.”

Of Bierbock’s comments, Morawiecki said that “the pressure makes sense. And that his words are a “spark of hope” that Germany might even join the coalition.

Bierbock “sent a different message that offers a spark of hope. That not only will Germany no longer block. But provide heavy, modern equipment in support of Ukraine,” Morawiecki said.

“We are putting pressure on the government in Berlin to make the leopard available.” Morawiecki told a news conference in the western city of Poznań.

At a meeting at Germany’s Ramstein air base on Friday. Supporters of Ukraine pledged billions of dollars in military aid to Ukraine. International defense leaders have discussed Ukraine’s urgent request for Leopard 2 tanks. And the failure to hammer out a deal has overshadowed new commitments.

Germany is one of Ukraine’s main arms donors. And it has ordered a review of its Leopard 2 stock in preparation for a possible green light. Besides, Berlin’s government has shown caution in every move to increase its military aid to Ukraine. A dilemma rooted in its history and political culture.

Moscow, in response to promises of sophisticated. Western weaponry for Kiev’s military, has raised. Its warning that there is a growing risk of catastrophe.

Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Sergei Ryabkov. On Monday reiterated Moscow’s claim that Western supplies could have “unintended” consequences.

“We have said many times that growth is the most dangerous path, and the consequences can be unintended,” Ryabkov said. “Our signal is not heard, and Russia’s adversaries continue to bet.”

With both sides’ battlefield positions at a standstill during the winter months. Kremlin forces continued their bombardment of Ukrainian territory.

Kharkiv Governor Oleh Siniehubov said Monday that Russian forces shelled several towns. And villages in the northeastern region over the past 24 hours. killing a 67-year-old woman and wounding another resident.

Neither side shows signs of backing down as the war stretches into its second year.

The Kremlin is keeping its options open for raising more troops. Russian authorities announced the completion of the mobilization of an more 300,000 reservists by the end of October. But, some Russian lawyers. And rights groups noted that Putin’s mobilization decree will remain in effect until.

Peskov said on Monday that although. The prescribed number of reservists had been mobilized. The decree remained in force because it included. Other measures necessary to ensure the fulfillment of tasks by the military”. He did not elaborate.

Ukrainian officials have warned of plans to deploy more Russian troops.

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