Pathaan: “People Who Don’t Know Deepika Padukone,” Allow John Abraham To Enlighten You


Deepika Padukone is “one of the most beautiful people,” says the normally unabashed John Abraham. Who co-stars with the actress in new film Pathan. Deepika, like John, is more reserved among the great and good of Bollywood; “For those. Who don’t know him,” though, John breaks it down in a promotional video for Pathan released by producer Yash Raj Films. “I know Deepika as a person and I think she is a beautiful person. She is definitely beautiful and I love her family – her father, her mother, her sister, they are all beautiful people,” John said.

“Deepika has traveled a lot and I’m always happy to see her succeed. It makes me happy because I like this girl so much, so it makes me happy and she’s a sweetheart. For those who don’t know Deepika, she’s a wonderful person and that’s what makes me her. Attracts – because she’s such a beautiful girl. I’ll always wish her well,” said John Abraham, who is usually economical with his words.

Deepika Padukone and John Abraham, both former models, previously co-starred in Race 2 and Desi Boys. They clashed in Pathan where John played a terrorist and Deepika played the lead role opposite John with Shahrukh Khan. Pathan, played by SRK, is an agent brought in from exile and pitted against John who plays Jim, the leader of a terrorist outfit called ‘Outfit X’. Deepika’s character forms a team with Pathan but perhaps things are not quite what they seem.

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