Parents wonder how 6-year-old Virginia boy shot teacher after his backpack was searched


“If the backpack was searched, they didn’t search it properly.” Said Desiree Yvette. Whose 6-year-old daughter saw the Jan 6.

Yvette continued: “They didn’t physically go there to make sure nothing was there. If so, then someone should have been able to see it. They should have searched elsewhere if they felt that search was necessary. And if they don’t – they’ve failed.

While she was teaching about 20 students.

Zuarner survived and is recovering, officials said.

The school system’s superintendent, George Parker III. Said in a virtual town hall Thursday that the boy was late to school. And his book bag was searched after he came into the office to sign in. According to parents who watched the meeting.

“At least one administrator was notified of a possible weapon.” A Newport News police spokeswoman said authorities also determined through their investigation. That “school personnel were notified of a possible firearm at Richneck Elementary. before the shooting” adding. “The Newport News Police Department was not notified. Of this information before the incident.”

Thomas Britton, 35, questioned what action school officials took. After learning the child might have brought a gun to school.

“You have a tip, a search and a shooting,” said Britton.

“What did they do, exactly, like, look in the backpack and say, ‘I don’t see a gun. Go back to class?’ “If there’s someone who says my child brought a weapon, I want to be notified.

Britton’s son was supposed to be in Zwarner’s class during. The shooting but was absent because of a medical procedure.

Yvette’s daughter was there, even though her mother wished she wasn’t.

He burst into tears talking about his daughter’s suffering.


“He’s afraid of everything and everyone right now,” Yvette said. “She doesn’t feel safe. Her teacher was her biggest advocate, Ms. Zwarner.

Mark Anthony Garcia, 38, said his second-grade son was. “Shaken” by the gunshots and then tried to help the crying students.

Garcia said she was upset that the administration did not immediately. Notify parents after the shooting. “Once the news broke, that’s when a lot of parents. started running to school with mass confusion,” Garcia said.

He also said there was no security officer who could have properly checked the boy’s person for the gun. “They didn’t have security there in the morning. I’m there every day. We don’t have security there in the morning.”

The school district has had three incidents of gun violence in 17 months.

Newport News Police Chief Steve Drew said the investigation is ongoing.

He before said the boy’s mother had legally purchased the 9mm Taurus firearm used in the shooting. And that the boy had taken the gun from her home. Drew said Sunday that the investigation will look into the history of the boy and his parents.

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