Owl Escapes From Central Park Zoo, Eludes NYPD, Zookeepers


Away when someone vandalized its exhibit by cutting stainless steel mesh.

NEW YORK (AP) — An owl coop at the Central Park Zoo flew off after someone vandalized. The exhibit by cutting stainless steel mesh, zoo officials said Friday.

Zoo spokesman Max Pulcinelli said. Officers from the New York Police Department tried to capture the bird after it was spotted. On Fifth Avenue on Thursday night, but it flew away.

Owl Escapes From Central Park Zoo, Eludes NYPD, Zookeepers

The owl returns to Central Park at sunrise on Friday and spends the day there on a tree.

“Our focus and efforts now are on the owl’s safe recovery,” zoo officials said in a news release. “We will issue updates as needed.”]
The Eurasian eagle-owl is one of the larger owl species with a wingspan. Of more than 6 feet (180 cm), and has brown and black feathers with ear tufts. They are not native to North America.

It could do well in Central Park — if it knew how to hunt, said David Barrett. An avid birder who chronicles the city’s avian population. Through Twitter accounts including Manhattan Bird Alert and Brooklyn Bird Alert.

After years in captivity, yet, “this owl has definitely lost its ability to hunt,” Barrett said. He assumed the owl would be hungry after a day or two in the wild.

The vandalism at the New York City zoo follows many animal disappearances. And other strange incidents across the country, including at the Dallas Zoo.

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