Ohio infant dies a month after returning home from abduction


accused of stealing a 2010 Honda Accord. Outside a restaurant in the Short North neighborhood on Dec. 19, where both twins were. Kier was found at Dayton International Airport and Jackson was arrested. But Casson remained missing.

Ohio infant dies a month after returning home from abduction

The Honda Accord was later found, with the caisson inside. Abandoned near a Papa John’s restaurant in Indianapolis.

Shayanne Bellmer told TTN affiliate WCMH in Columbus. That she gave Jackson a ride to a gas station on Dec. 20, then saw her photo on Facebook about the alleged kidnapping. “I was like, ‘I wish I didn’t know her,’ but something told me it looked like the girl in my car,” Bellmer said.

She and Jackson exchanged numbers, Bellmer told WCMH, so she and her cousin, Meeka Curry. Arranged to drive Jackson to several stores. And eventually called police with their location.

The two women said they went out to eat after He was arrested and found the Honda with a caisson inside.

Local authorities charged Jackson with two counts of kidnapping last month. A federal grand jury indicted him on two counts of kidnapping this month.

A plea has not yet been entered in the federal case, according to court records. It was not immediately clear if Jackson entered a plea in his state case. Which has a court date Tuesday, according to Franklin County inmate records.

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