NYPD officer suspended after video appears to show him punching teenager


Mayor Eric Adams, who is a former official, said, “I was not satisfied with what I saw in the video.”

NYPD officer suspended after video appears to show him punching teenager

A New York City police officer has been fired and an investigation opened. After video showed the officer repeatedly punching a teenage girl. The mayor said Wednesday.

This incident happened around 2:40 PM. Tuesday in the Port Richmond section of Staten Island. When officers observed “a large fight involving many female juveniles.” Julian Phillips, deputy police commissioner for public information, said in a statement.

A girl jumped, and officers intervened, Adams said.

The video shows an officer grabbing the back of a young girl’s jacket and striking the girl. Other youths try to grab hold of the punching girl and drag her away.

Police said as officers were detaining a man. A 14-year-old girl reached for the officer’s handcuffs and hit the officer in the head. And the officer struck the teenager several times with his hand.


Adams said he has contacted. The chancellor of the city’s Department of Education about the incident.

It happened on school grounds.

Adams said investigators will use officers‘ body-worn cameras and Instagram videos.

“The police commissioner quickly fired the officer involved. And now the Internal Affairs Bureau is conducting a thorough investigation. To determine exactly what happened,” he said.

The New York police officers’ union, the Police Benevolent Association. Did not immediately respond to a request for comment Wednesday.

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