Norway archaeologists find ‘world’s oldest runestone’


COPENHAGEN, Denmark – Archaeologists in Norway said Tuesday. They have found a runestone they claim is the world’s oldest. With inscriptions up to 2,000 years old and dating back to. The early days of the mysterious history of runic writing.

Flat, square blocks of brown sandstone contain inscribed scribbles.

Which may be the first examples of written words in Scandinavia. Oslo’s Museum of Cultural History said. It says it is “among the oldest runic inscriptions ever found.” And “the world’s oldest datable runestone.”

“This find will give us a lot of knowledge about the use of runes in the early Iron Age. This may be one of the first attempts to use runes on stone in Norway and Scandinavia. Professor Kristel Zillmer of the University of Oslo. Of which the museum is a part, told The Associated Press.eum of Cultural History said. Javad Parsa / AFP – Getty Images

The runestone was discovered in autumn 2021 during.

The excavation of a grave near Tyrefjord west of Oslo. An area known for several archaeological sites.

“We need time to analyze and date the runestones.” He said to explain why the discovery was first announced on Tuesday.

Measuring 31 cm by 32 cm (12.2 in by 12.6 in), the stone has a variety of inscriptions, not all which make linguistic sense. On the front of the stone are eight runes inscribed “Idiberug” – which could be a woman, man or family name.

Zillmer called the discovery “the most sensational thing I’ve ever had as an academic”.

There is still much research to be done on the stone, known as the Svingerud stone after the place where it was found.

“Without a doubt, we will gain valuable knowledge. About the early history of runic writing,” Zillmer said.

The runestone will be on display for a month, starting January 21. At the Museum of Cultural History. Which has Norway’s largest collection of historical artifacts from. The Stone Age to modern times.

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