Northeast Temperatures Soar a Day After Bone-Numbing Cold


Temperatures climbed into the mid-40s across much of the northeast United States. A day after temperatures in the region dipped into the negative teens.

Temperatures in much of the northeastern United States climbed. Into the mid-40s on Sunday. A day after temperatures in the region dipped. Into the negative teens and wind chills ranged from minus 45 to minus 50 degrees.

Atop New Hampshire’s 6,288-foot Mount Washington. The temperature rose 18 degrees (8 C) relative. To the actual temperature after dropping to minus 47 F (minus 44 C). And the wind chill was measured above minus 108 degrees.
The warm weather extended into Texas. Where thousands of Austin residents were still without power five days. After an ice storm knocked out power to about a third of the city. By Sunday, more than 90% of the city had power, according to Austin Energy. But the lights were still off for 40,000 customers and there was no timetable for completing repairs.

Northeast Temperatures Soar a Day After Bone-Numbing Cold

Katy Manganella, 37, was so upset that when Austin Energy came to her neighborhood Sunday. With a charging station for residents — but no repair trucks yet. She held up a poster in front of the station that read, “This pregnant woman is on it!”

“It was pretty sad,” said Manganella, a therapist who is seven months pregnant. “Why is there no plan for this?” In the northeast, severe cold and strong winds caused some collateral damage.

Boston Medical Center closed its emergency department. Saturday night after a pipe froze and burst. It is expected to remain closed until Tuesday.

Matthew Scheff, a spokesman for Gov. Dan Mackey. Said in an email Sunday that no one was ever in danger at the Cranston Street Armory. People just moved to other rooms, he said.

Boston’s Botch Center Wang Theater was forced. To cancel two sold-out shows of Impractical Jokers. When a sprinkler pipe in the boiler room burst at about 5 p.m. Saturday in the theater through social media.

“To all our Boston fans, sorry about tonight. We were five minutes from showtime, with a full theater. At the first show tonight, and the pipes burst from the Boston cold. And flooded the entire basement of the theater,” he said in a short video.

Above average temperatures are expected. To persist for a while, said Bob Oravec, chief forecaster. For the National Weather Service in College Park, Maryland.

“We have a lot of mild flow across a good part of the country and we expect temperatures. To be above average over a good part of the country next week, especially in the Northeast,” Oravec said.

Paul Weber in Austin, Texas and Julie Walker in New York contributed to this report.

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