North Korea warns of ‘overwhelming nuclear force’ to counter U.S.


SEOUL, South Korea – North Korea said on Thursday. It was ready to counter US military action with “the most overwhelming nuclear force” as it warned. That the expansion of joint US military exercises with rival. South Korea was pushing tensions to an “extreme”. red line.”

Pyongyang’s foreign ministry statement came in response to comments.

By US Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin, who said in Seoul on Tuesday. That the US would increase the deployment of its advanced military assets. Including fighter jets and plane carriers, to the Korean Peninsula as it strengthened. Joint training and operational planning with South Korea.

South Korean security concerns have grown since North Korea. Tested dozens of missiles in 2022, including nuclear-capable missiles designed. Hit targets in South Korea and the US mainland.

North Korea said in a statement. Citing an unidentified spokesman for its foreign ministry. That the expansion of the allied drills threatened to turn the Korean peninsula. A “huge war arsenal and a more complex battlefield.” The statement said the North is ready to meet any short- or long-term military challenge. By allies with “the most overwhelming nuclear power”.

“The military and political situation on the Korean Peninsula. And the region has reached an extreme red line due to the reckless military confrontational tactics. And hostile actions of the United States and its vassal forces,” the spokesman said.

North Korea has for decades described joint U.S. military exercises with South Korea. As rehearsals for a potential attack, though allies describe the drills as defensive.

South Korea’s defense ministry said the United States flew B-1B bombers.


And F-22 and F-35 fighter jets in a drill with South Korean fighters over South Korea’s western waters on Wednesday. The US and South Korea are also planning a simulation exercise this month to sharpen. Their response if North Korea uses nuclear weapons.

North Korea ramps up its own weapons display in 2022. As allies resume large-scale training. North Korea’s actions included several missile. And artillery launches in what it described. As simulated nuclear attacks on South Korean and US targets.

The North Korean spokesman said, citing the country’s official name. That it would take the strongest response to any military effort by the United States. On the policy of ‘nuke for nuke and all-out conflict’. Democratic People’s Republic of Korea.

“If the United States continues to deploy strategic assets. On the Korean Peninsula and its vicinity. TYhe DPRK will make its deterrence activities more clear without failing. By their nature,” the spokesman said.

South Korean Defense Ministry spokesman Jeon Ha Gyu said.

The ministry had no immediate comment in response to North Korea’s statement. He said the allies’ latest air drills were aimed at demonstrating. The credibility of the US’s “enhanced deterrence”, citing its commitment to use. The full range of its military capabilities, including nuclear, to defend South Korea. He declined to disclose the exact number of US and South Korean plane involved in the exercise.

At a news conference after their meeting, Austin said. He and South Korean Defense Minister Lee Jong-sup had agreed. Further expand their joint military exercises, including more live-fire demonstrations. They pledged to continue the “timely and coordinated. Deployment of US strategic assets in the region.

They said their countries had demonstrated. Their collective capabilities to counter North Korean aggression. By resuming large-scale military exercises last year. The allies scaled back their training in recent years. To make room for diplomacy with North Korea during. The Trump administration and the Covid-19 pandemic.

South Korea and the United States are also stepping up their security cooperation with Japan. Which has recently included trilateral missile defense. And anti-submarine warfare exercises during a provocative run-up to North Korea’s weapons tests.

“We have deployed fifth generation plane, F-22s and F-35s. We have deployed a carrier strike group to go to the peninsula. You can move on to more activities like this,” Austin said.

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