No Delhi Mayor Polls, Again. Protests Over Big Change In Voting: 10 Facts


The elected municipal corporation is meeting for the third attempt to elect a mayor for Delhi. The previous two attempts failed amid clashes between the BJP. Which had controlled the civic body for 15 years – and the AAP, which won the December civic polls.

10 Delhi councilors nominated.

By Lt Governor VK Saxena have been allowed to vote in the mayoral. Elections in a blow to Arvind Kejriwal’s Aam Aadmi Party (AAP).

The mayoral election was postponed twice on January 6 over. The question of whether the nominated members would be able to vote.

Although AAP will win the mayoral seat on its numbers. Its situation in the standing committee elections. Understood to be the most powerful body in the corporation, will be uncertain.

Six of the 18-member standing committee will be elected today with AAP winning three seats and BJP two. The battle is on for the sixth seat, which could go to the BJP if the nominated members vote. The remaining 12 standing committee members will be elected through regional elections.

134 AAP councilors and one independent member wrote to Satya Sharma. The presiding officer of the civic body, saying that the rules prevent councilors from voting. “The mayor, deputy mayor and standing committee should be kept out of the election,” they wrote.

The AAP won 134 out of 250 wards in the first municipal elections held. After the MCD merger and renewal of constituencies last year. BJP is second with 104 seats.

BJP’s seven Lok Sabha MPs from Delhi, three Rajya Sabha members from AAP. And 14 MLAs nominated by the Delhi Speaker have also been allowed to vote. The Congress said this would lead to accusations of “collusion with the BJP” from AAP councillors.

AAP had earlier objected to Lt Governor VK Saxena naming 10 aldermen without consulting the state government. It also opposed the appointment of Lieutenant Governor Satya Sharma. Recommending Mukesh Goyal, the most senior councilor in the house, for the post.

The mayoral election was postponed twice over. The swearing in and voting of the 10 nominated leaders. In the first election on January 6, AAP and BJP members clashed, pushing. And punching each other, throwing tables and chairs and jumping on desks. The matter even went to the Supreme Court. Where the AAP sought a time-bound election and ordered that aldermen not be allowed to vote.

AAP’s mayoral candidate Dr Shelly Oberoi. Against BJP’s Rekha Gupta — withdrew the plea. After the court noted that the election would be held on February 6. And the detailed hearing would stall it again.

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