New Rules To Cut Wait For US Visa, Appointments Outside India: 10 Facts


The United States has announced several initiatives. To cut the backlog in visa appointments.
NEW DELHI. The US Embassy in India today announced that some. Visa applicants will now be able to seek appointments in other countries. The move is aimed at reducing the backlog of waiting times for US visas as high as 800 days at some centers in India.

The US Embassy today said Indians applying for business. Or tourist visas can apply for appointments at embassies or consulates outside India.

“Do you have an upcoming international trip? If so, you may be able to get a visa appointment at the US Embassy or Consulate at your destination. For example, @USEmbassyBKK has opened B1/B2 appointment capacity. For Indians who will be in Thailand in the coming months. (sic),” in India US Embassy tweeted.

New Rules To Cut Wait For US Visa, Appointments Outside India 10 Facts

The embassy cited Thailand as an example, saying the country has B1 and B2 visa capacity.
The United States announced several other initiatives. To cut the backlog in visa appointments. including strengthening consular staff and holding special interviews for first-time applicants.

During the Covid pandemic, many US embassy staff were let go. Because the number of applications during that period was low. India was one of the few countries that saw a big increase in applications for US visas. After the lifting of coronavirus-related travel restrictions.
The United States has announced that it will hire more personnel by the summer of this year.

Those seeking to renew their US visa can submit their application through a Dropbox. Since their biometrics are already with the US government. They will not be asked to appear in person for another biometric assessment.

US embassies and consulates expect to receive a record number. Of visas from Indian students this year and are. So, working on a multi-pronged approach to cut the backlog. According to John Ballard, consular chief at the US Consulate General in Mumbai.

The US Embassy in Delhi and consulates in Mumbai, Chennai. Kolkata and Hyderabad have also started conducting “Special Saturday Interview Days.” To assist first-time applicants.

The US Mission in India released 2,50,000 more B1/B2 appointments two weeks ago.

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