New Mexico leaders say they won’t be intimidated by shots fired at their homes and offices

Police have arrested a man in connection with six shootings in Albuquerque. The motive of which remains a mystery. All targets were associated with Democrats.

A county commissioner who was among six Democratic leaders in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Said he won’t let the attacks stop him from doing his job.

The home of Bernalillo County Commissioner Adrian Barboa was first targeted on Dec. 4. The shootings continued non-stop until Thursday.  Office of newly appointed state Sen. Antonio “Mo” Maestas.

No one was injured. Albuquerque police arrested a suspect. They did not publicly identify Monday. They did not say if they were looking for anyone else or what the motive might have been.

“I can’t let this scare me from public service,” Barboa said Tuesday.

Police officials did not respond to requests for comment Tuesday. Chief Harold Medina said at a news conference Monday. To the shooting and that investigators recovered a weapon from a location.

With few answers, the shooting has baffled. And confused many state and county officials.

“You could have killed us,” said former county commissioner Debbie O’Malley. Whose home was hit by 12 bullets Dec. 11 as she and her husband slept.

“We thought someone was banging on the door with their fists,” he continued. “Then we jumped out of bed. What if I walked around?”


Maestas said he doesn’t understand why anyone would do that.

“There doesn’t seem to be any political connection, like we voted on the same bill,” he said Tuesday, adding. That he was grateful police were patrolling his home and the other victims.

Police said Monday that the home of the incoming speaker of the state House, Democratic Rep. Javier Martinez. He declined to comment on Tuesday.

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