New Mexico GOP leaders try to distance themselves from suspect in shootings


New Mexico GOP leaders try to distance themselves from suspect in shootings

ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. Republican lawmakers scrambled. Wednesday to distance themselves from shooting suspect and failed GOP candidate Solomon Pena.

Pena, who lost his race for the New Mexico state House. At the homes of state and local Democratic leaders, police said.

Albuquerque police said Pena is accused of conspiring. And paying four people to shoot up the homes of two Albuquerque-area. Bernalillo County commissioners and two state legislators.

Pena made his first court appearance Wednesday and was ordered. Held without bail by Bernalillo County Metropolitan Court Judge Jill Martinez. Assistant District Attorney Keith Rinaldi revealed. That the state will request that Pena be detained. Before and throughout any trial.

“This was a heinous and reprehensible act, regardless of political affiliation. This man was a criminal with a gun who conspired to terrorize and harm New Mexico families.” State Senate Republican Leader Greg Baca said in a statement.

Pena, an outspoken supporter of President Donald Trump. Who publicly disputed the results of the November election. Claimed his own defeat was the result of election fraud.

He is the current Democrat Miguel P. Garcia lost in a landslide 5,679 to 2,033, or 74% to 26%. Despite his persistence on Twitter and in other statements. There is no evidence to support his claims of fraud. On Wednesday, New Mexico Republican leaders stressed. That they oppose “violence in any form.”

“This is yet another example of a convicted felon illegally gaining access to a firearm. That harms the public,” state Republican. House Leader Ryan Lane said in a statement Wednesday.

Pena spent nine years in prison for shoplifting electronics. And other items and lost her right to vote for many years.

Dion J. Hampton reported from Albuquerque and David K. Lee from New York City

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