New Headache For Congress? Buzz Over Sachin Pilot’s Move Ahead Of Polls



Congress leader Sachin Pilot. Has challenged and warned his party in recent weeks, embarrassing the leadership. As he struggles to project unity in Rajasthan. There is intense speculation that he could soon deal a significant blow to Congress. By launching his own party in Rajasthan before the polls in the state.
Reports suggest that Sachin Pilot, 45, could make an announcement on June 11. The anniversary of the death of his father Rajesh Pilot. A congress leader, although sources close. To him say he is waiting for congress leaders to respond to their demands.

The sources also denied that a large demonstration was being planned for June 11. They said that like every year there will be a program to commemorate the. Death anniversary in Dausa as it was Rajesh Pilot’s constituency.

Pilot has given his own government an ultimatum to act on the corruption allegations.

Against the BJP’s Vasundhara Raje. The Congress leader has alleged that Rajasthan Prime Minister Ashok Gehlot. His internal rival, has not taken any action against Vasundhara Raje due. To a pact with the BJP leader, a charge that the BJP has refuted.

Amid speculation about his next move, sources close to him say he is waiting for. A definitive answer from the party leadership. They claim that his main focus is fighting. Corruption and addressing pressing concerns of young people, including test leaks.

“He (Pilot) is waiting for a response from the party leadership, the ball is in his court.” The PTI news agency said, citing sources close to him.

A four-hour meeting last month between Congress leaders and Rajasthan rivals Ashok Gehlot. And Sachin Pilot failed to find a solution.

Although the leaders showed unity and promised.

A “united fight” in the Rajasthan elections. It was clear that the bitterness remained. Congressional sources say the gap between the two leaders may be insurmountable. And the relationship may have reached a point of no return.

The dispute began in 2018, when the Congress won the Rajasthan elections and had. To choose between two contenders for the top job. The party chose Ashok Gehlot and Sachin Pilot settled for the role of his deputy. But, two years later, Pilot rebelled against his boss and demanded a “fair share” of power.

The rebellion failed when more than 100 MLAs chose to stay with Gehlot. At no time has Pilot been able to produce more than 20 MLAs in support of him. Making it difficult for the party to pick a side. Mr. Pilot put an end to his revolt after the Gandhis assured him of a solution.

Last year, 72 MLAs resigned in protest. Against a Congress decision to appoint Mr Gehlot as party chairman. Which would mean his replacement in Rajasthan, by Mr Pilot.

Mr. Gehlot, with his frequent attacks on his former deputy.

has made it clear that he will not back down. The Chief Minister has referred to his younger rival. As gaddar (traitor), nikamma (worthless) and “coronavirus”.

After the recent “unity show”, the Chief Minister even commented that t. High command is “strong” and would never offer any position to pacify a leader.
Leaders close to Pilot criticized the comment, saying. He has taken a “principled position” and is not about publications.
A minister of state close to Pilot, Murari Lal Meena. Denied the speculation about throwing a party at the event. “I have no idea where the speculation of the new party started. And I don’t see any substance in such speculations. I work following the ideology of the party,” Meena said, according to PTI.

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