Nearly 1,000 flights canceled as dangerous ice storm sweeps the South


The storm was centered in the Dallas-Fort Worth metropolitan area. Which has been hit hardest by travel issues.
About 1,000 flights were canceled within the United States. On Tuesday due to snowstorms in parts of the South.

The storm was centered in the Dallas-Fort. Worth metropolitan area, which hit the hardest with travel problems in the region. With 288 flights canceled at Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport. According to online flight tracker FlightAware.

Nearly 1,000 flights canceled as dangerous ice storm sweeps the South

The area is home to both American Airlines and Southwest Airlines, and as of early Tuesday. At least 319 Southwest flights were listed as canceled. Including 308 American Airlines flights. At least 90 Southwest flights were delayed. While 29 American Airlines flights were also listed as delayed, according to FlightAware.

The ice storm was expected to be “prolonged and significant” and “affect a large. Area from the Southern Plains to the Tennessee Valley.” According to the National Weather Service.

It said the “dangerous” blizzard was expected. To continue through at least early Thursday, with cold winds. Freezing rain and storm surges, as well as travel disruptions and delays.

The weather service said there was a “greater than 0.25 chance of widespread snowfall from. west Texas to west Tennessee” and that local areas could receive as low as 0.75. With tree damage and scattered power outages across the worst affected areas. An inch and a half or more of sleet could accumulate from west Texas to Arkansas. Which the weather service said could lead to “treacherous” travel conditions.

Ice storm warnings, winter storm warnings. And winter weather advisories have been issued in affected areas. It said, warning travelers to check road conditions. Before heading out and to drive with extreme caution.

In Texas, Forth Worth Ambulance Service MedStar responded to 142 motor vehicle crashes. Within 24 hours of the winter storm, including 19 overnight. Spokesman Matt Zawadsky said. Sixteen of those crashes were rollover crashes

MedStar also responded to eight patients with hypothermia. Seven patients were taken to local hospitals, five in critical condition. The ambulance service also reported. That nine patients were injured after slipping on the ice.

A cold air mass is also expected to bring below-average temperatures. And wind chills across the central and western United States in the Mid-South. The weather service said.

Wind chill warnings and advisories have been issued. Across the central and northern Plains. As well as parts of the Intermountain West.

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