Nation largest LGBTQ advocacy group declares state of emergency


Nation largest LGBTQ advocacy group declares state of emergency. WASHINGTON — The Human Rights Campaign on Tuesday declared. A state of emergency for LGBTQ people in the United States. And released a “guidebook for action” summarizing. What each state says are discriminatory laws. Including “know your rights” information and health and safety. wealth

Sounding alarm about the current political climate.

The nation largest organization dedicated to the rights of gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender. And queer Americans says cautionary advice against traveling to dangerous. Places isn’t enough to help people already living in so-called adversities States. Nation largest LGBTQ advocacy group declares state of emergency.

The campaign says the move is in response to an unprecedented. And dangerous spike in discriminatory legislation in state houses this year. With more than 525 anti-LGBTQ bills introduced. And more than 70 signed into law so far in 2023 — more than double last year. . A report released Tuesday called “LGBTQ+ Americans Under Attack” said. The new laws are the result of a coordinated Republican effort, backed. By “well-funded extremist groups.”


The “LGBTQ+ Americans Fight Back” guidebook, meanwhile. Also provides information on filing complaints for civil rights violations. And points to resources for funding action. And finding employment in what it calls “safe” states.

In a section called Know the Enemy/Opposition. The guidebook offers advice on how to engage in local advocacy opposing anti-LGBTQ efforts. And how to navigate difficult conversations about hate with friends and family. Nation largest LGBTQ advocacy group declares state of emergency.

The guidebook aims to help millions of vulnerable people.

Whether they are planning a summer trip through an area. That is becoming hostile to LGBTQ+ people. Or they already live in a state where legislation and political extremism persist. Our backs,” Kelly Robinson, president of the Human Rights Campaign, said in a statement.

The emergency declaration is the first in HRC’s 40-year history. And Republican-dominated legislatures across. The country have passed bills targeting people based on their identity. Including laws restricting aspects of transgender. Existence from the use of pronouns and bathrooms. Access to medical care and more.

Among the latest, a series of bills nearing final passage in Louisiana. Would prohibit K-12 public school employees in Louisiana from discussing sexual orientation. Or gender identity in the classroom. This law is like Florida’s “don’t say gay” law critics say.

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