Murder warrant is issued for Brian Walshe in the death of his wife, Ana Walshe


Massachusetts prosecutors on Tuesday issued a murder warrant. For Brian Walsh in the death of his wife. Anna Walsh, who disappeared from an affluent Boston suburb around New Year’s Day.

Murder warrant is issued for Brian Walshe in the death of his wife, Ana Walshe

Norfolk County District Attorney Michael W. Morrissey announced. The charges without releasing details about investigators’ decision. Brian Walshe was arrested this month on suspicion of obstructing. The investigation and remains in police custody. He has pleaded not guilty to misleading investigators. And is expected to be arraigned Wednesday on murder charges. His attorney, Tracy Miner, declined to comment on the murder warrant Tuesday.

“More details of the investigation. 1 before taking a ride-share. From her Cohasset home to Boston’s Logan International Airport. Her husband and her employer simultaneously reported her missing three days later.

It is not clear who provided details of his last known whereabouts. 

Police said, and she had left no electronic footprint since she disappeared.

The day after she disappeared, prosecutors allege last week. Brian Walsh bought $450 in cleaning supplies, mops and tape from a nearby Home Depot.

Authorities also said they found blood and a damaged. Bloodstained knife in the basement of the Walshes’ home.

Police said on Jan. 6 that investigators could not independently confirm. That Anna Walshe entered or even booked a car service on New Year’s Day. Yet, he booked a flight from Boston to Washington, D.C. for Jan. 3, police said

Washington police have not been able to locate him, police said.

Authorities have not revealed who gave him the details of leaving his home to go to the airport. Saying only that it was a “family member”. Brian Walshe was reportedly sleeping when he left the house, which was around 4am.

Anna Walsh’s friend Evan Turrell told the station that going. A day without contact with her husband and children was completely unlike her.

“It’s really, really mind-boggling and gut-wrenching,” Turrell said. “No words.” Before Anna and Brian were married, she accused him of threatening to kill her in 2014. An according to a report filed with Washington, D.C., police. He was not identified in the report. But a spokesperson for the organization confirmed. That he was the person who threatened Anna Walshe over the phone.

Pleading guilty to three counts in 2021, Reuters reported. He stole Andy Warhol paintings from a college roommate, then forged them.

But does not yet appear to have served any prison time in the case.

Family and friends testified that she was written out of will. And accused of stealing hundreds of thousands of dollars of her father’s money.

Fred Pescatore, a friend of Brian Walsh’s father, said in a sworn affidavit. That he saw Brian Walsh trying to smuggle antiquities out of China. While they were traveling together.

To kill four or five guards who came to talk to him about his crimes,” the affidavit states. “Brian is not only a sociopath, but also a very angry and physically violent person.

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