Brazilian authorities say they have arrested nearly 1,500 people in connection with the attacks in the Brazilian capital.


Brazil authorities detained an estimated 1,500 people in connection. Attacks on government buildings Sunday by supporters of former President Jair Bolsonaro.

Brazilian Justice Minister Flavio Dino said on Monday. That the 1,500 people included those arrested in connection with the vandalism and detained for questioning. Police stopped 40 buses and broke up. An encampment of Bolsonaro supporters outside a military building as part of the response.

Chaos erupted on Sunday as mobs protesting the country’s presidential election vandalized. The Congress building as well as the High Court and the presidential palace. It appears that they are breaking into buildings. By climbing onto roofs and breaking windows.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs called the incident “coup violence”.

Leftist President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva. Who was sworn in on January 1, responded. By authorizing federal intervention in the federal district until the end of the month.

Lula described the rioters as “fascists,” according to a translation of his tweet.

“Whoever did this will be found and punished. Democracy guarantees the right to free expression. But it requires people to respect institutions,” Lula tweeted. “What they have done today is unprecedented in the history of the country. They should be punished for that.”

He blamed Bolsonaro , tweeting on Sunday. “This is also his responsibility and the parties that supported him.”

Bolsonaro’s wife, Michelle, said on Monday that he was in hospital, although. she did not say. Where In an Instagram story. he said Bolsonaro had been under. Observation for “abdominal discomfort” since the 2018 stabbing incident.

He later tweeted a message and photo saying he had been hospitalized in Orlando.

During his re-election campaign last year. Bolsonaro sowed doubts about electoral security through misinformation. He asserted that Brazil’s electronic voting machines were prone to fraud, with no evidence to support his baseless claim.

Bolsonaro’s party has been fined $4 million.

Supporters of the former president have been protesting. Lula’s victory since October 30, blocking roads, setting cars on fire. And gathering outside military buildings to interfere with the handover of power to the armed forces.

Lula has the support of other world leaders, including. President Joe Biden and Mexico’s Andrés Manuel López Obrador.

“I condemn the attack on democracy and the peaceful transfer of power in Brazil,” Biden tweeted. We have full support for Brazil’s democratic institutions.

Biden and Lula issued a joint statement Monday. Saying Biden invited Lula to Washington next month.

“The two leaders pledged to work on issues facing the United States. And Brazil, including climate change, economic development. And peace and security,” the statement said.

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