Miss Russia Says Contestants At Miss Universe Pageant “Avoided” And “Shunned” Her


The Miss Universe 2023 pageant ended on January 15 in the United States, but apart from a healthy pageant. It also gave one candidate some negative experiences. Miss  Anna Linikova, has claimed . That she was “shunned” and “shunned” by contestants in the Miss Universe pageant and that. The pageant was biased in favor of US and Ukrainian candidates.
Miss Russia said in an interview with. Sandhya Moscow that she received “negative comments from acquaintances at the event”.

“It was very difficult. From the beginning. I faced constant insults and threats from Ukrainian social media users. Especially unpleasant were . The negative comments from long-time acquaintances in Ukraine,” he told the publication.



He claimed that some contestants avoided him because of his nationality.

“Many have avoided me and avoided me only after learning about my origin. And girls from Ukraine and Switzerland usually run away from me like a fire,” he added.

When asked which girl influenced him the most. He mentioned Miss Venezuela because of her warmth.
Ms Linikova said. It’s hard to single out one person. But let it be a girl from Venezuela – she was particularly kind and sensitive to others. it was this strength and charisma that helped her come second.”

Miss Russia is an active social media user and has around 90,000 followers on Instagram. She posted a picture of herself with Miss Universe 2021, India’s Harnaj . Kaur Sandhu on her Instagram page.
Ms Linikova said it was “sad” that her . Ukrainian counterpart, Viktoria Apanasenko, did not want to talk to her. Appearing to ignore her country’s ongoing attacks on Ukraine.

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