Mercedes-Benz recalls 324,000 vehicles over water-intrusion issue that could stall engines


Mercedes-Benz is recalling 324,000 vehicles. That are at risk of stalling due to a water-intrusion defect.

The notice affects Mercedes ML and GLE sport-utility vehicles for model years 2012-2020

The problem stems from a potential design flaw that can cause. Water to accumulate in a vehicle’s spare wheel well. Which can trip a device that shuts off the engine.

The German automaker says drivers may first become aware of the problem due to a damp carpet in the back of. The car; the sound of water sloshing around. The spare tire wheel well; or illumination of the check engine light.

According to the notice, dealers have already been notified of. The recall and owners will be notified before February 21, 2023.

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