Memphis officials say video in Tyre Nichols case will be released after the investigation concludes


Nichols’ family, who demanded the release of police body camera video of the traffic stop. That hospitalized him, held a memorial Tuesday.

Memphis officials say video in Tyre Nichols case will be released after the investigation concludes

Tyre Nichols was taken to the hospital in critical condition. After Memphis police officers stopped him for reckless driving on Jan. 7. The police department said in a statement the next day. Nichols died in hospital three days later.

Civil rights attorney Benjamin Crump, who is representing the family. Took the stand to demand release of the video. Saying Monday that “all available information tells us that this is a tragic. And preventable death of a young man.”

Memphis Mayor Jim Strickland and Police Chief CJ Davis said in a joint statement Tuesday. That transparency is “critically important.”

“The video will be released publicly after an internal investigation. Into the officers’ actions is complete and Mr. Nichols’ family has had an opportunity. To review the video in person,” their statement said.

Police said they hope to wrap up the investigation by the end of the week.

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The Shelby County District Attorney’s Office said the law must be. Followed to avoid risking an investigation or possible prosecution.

“We are working with the appropriate agencies to determine. How quickly we can release the video and will do so as soon as possible.” The office said in a statement.

Police said a “confrontation” occurred when officers approached Nichols’ vehicle on Jan. 7. He fled, and officers gave chase, police said.

A second “confrontation” occurred when officers tried to take. Nichols into custody, and he later complained of difficulty breathing, police said.

Police did not provide details about the collision. A photo provided by his stepfather, Rodney Wells. Shows Nichols with blood on his face and swollen eyes.

Nichols’ family spoke out against the department over the weekend. Joining protesters calling for transparency.

Wells spoke at Nichols’ memorial Tuesday, talking about their immediate connection.

“From the first day I met Tyre, I was Pops. I was Dad,” Wells said. “He hugged me. The first Father’s Day, he brought me a Father’s Day present, and he was so happy. … Tyre is a great person.”

LaToya Yiza, whose mother was Nichols’ godmother, remembers Nichols as a child. She said they grew up like siblings, walking to school together when she was in high school. And Nichols was in elementary school.

“He was just a happy kid, very goofy,” Iza said emotionally at the memorial. “You’d walk in and he’d just say the craziest thing. … I’m going to miss him. To see the man he turned into — he was a good man. He didn’t deserve this.”

He began to cry, expressing his anger that he and his family were not there when he died.

“I’m so mad, because we used to fight for him,” Iza said. “We miss him.”

Angelina Paxton, who traveled from California for the service. Joked that Nichols was known to clean out her friends’ refrigerators.

“The way to this man’s heart went through his stomach, I swear,” Paxton said. “I just want to say on behalf of everyone in California who loves Tyre… we all stand with you.”

He added that “everyone is a friend of the tire.

“This guy walked into a room, and everybody loved him.

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