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Meghan Markle Misled Oprah Viewers About Kate Middleton Feud, Says Prince Harry


Prince Harry revealed in his memoir “Spare” that his wife Meghan Markle confused the audience during their explosive 2021 Oprah Winfrey interview. The Duke of Sussex shared that his wife confused viewers about the reason for the conflict with Kate Middleton. She tried to debate Kate Middleton’s flower girl dress — but in reality. The royal sister-in-law was also upset by a comment Meghan made, the New York Post reported.
Prince Harry shared in his memoir that he was upset after Meghan, Princess of Wales, told him “she must have the brain of a baby because of her hormones,” according to Page Six. Kate told Meghan they weren’t close enough for her to make such comments.

Us Weekly cited an excerpt from the book, and quoted Harry as writing, “Meg asked if Kate was aware of what was going on now. With her father. Kate said she was well aware, but the dresses were. ‘And the wedding four days later. !'” “Not long after I came home to find Meg on the floor. Crying,” Harry continued but pointed out that Kate didn’t mean ‘loss’. “I was horrified to see [Meghan] so upset, but I didn’t think it was a The disaster was… in fact the next morning Kate came with flowers and a card saying she was sorry.”

During a 2021 interview with Oprah Winfrey, the former ‘Suits’ actor said tabloids falsely claimed. He made Kate Middleton cry during a dispute over a flower girl dress for Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s 2018 wedding.

In a blast with Oprah, the Duchess of Sussex said, “The narrative with Kate, which didn’t happen. Was difficult and something that I think changed everything right away.” He added, “No, no, the opposite happened.” At the time, Meghan Markle said her sister-in-law was upset about something but made amends.

“He owned it, and he apologized, and he brought me flowers and a note of apology, and he did what I would do if I knew I had hurt someone,” Markle said.

Markle then confirmed that the dispute had to do with the flower girl’s dress “and it made me cry and it hurt my feelings.”

Meanwhile, Prince Harry has shed a bright light on his fractured relationship with his older brother William, with whom he was once close.

While William, the heir to the throne, has not reacted , the UK media has assessed that their feud has become so bitter that it is unclear how the brothers can reconcile.

In excerpts from interviews and media leaks from his upcoming memoir “Spare,” Harry said the brothers had always had a competitive relationship but were sidelined by his relationship with former American television actress Meghan, whom he married in 2018.

Harry told Britain’s ITV television that he wants his brother back, but the royals are treating him and Meghan as “villains”.

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