Mega Millions jackpot grows to second highest with no winner


You still have a shot to become a mega millionaire. jackpot

No one matched the six numbers — 7, 13, 14, 15, 18 and Mega Ball 9 — to win the $1.1 billion jackpot on . Tuesday night, meaning the prize continues to grow.

When the numbers are redrawn Friday night, the jackpot will be worth about $1.35 billion. The second-highest top prize in the game’s history, according to. The Mega Millions website. The jackpot has been growing since October 14.

Tuesday’s $1.1 billion was the third-highest amount for a Mega Millions jackpot, bested only by $1.5 billion in . October 2018 and $1.3 billion in July 2022.

The largest lottery awarded in . The United States was the result of a Powerball drawing worth $2.04 billion in November.

A winner will be asked to choose between receiving 30 annual payments of. The jackpot’s $1.1 billion cash value or an immediate payout of $576.8 million.

According to personal finance and tax advice platform Kiplinger. The latter, “single contribution” option, has 24% withheld by . The U.S. Internal Revenue Service, much of which is likely to be owed in taxes at . The end of the year, depending on a winner’s filing status. claim

Under that “single” choice, the most money a winner could see from the jackpot was $1.1 billion. Very close to a third of $363.4 million, the publication said. This number may increase on Friday.


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