Massachusetts mom was having ‘one of her best days’ before she allegedly strangled 3 children, husband told police


Prosecutors in Lindsey Clancy’s case shared disturbing details. Of the killing, in which she appeared via video link.
Before Lindsey Clancy was charged with killing her three children. She was having “one of her best days” after a long battle with anxiety, her husband told officials.

After his children were strangled to death. In the family’s Massachusetts home on Jan. 24, Patrick Clancy told police. His wife had been “smiling” and “happy” earlier in the day, prosecutors said in court Tuesday.

On the morning of the murder. She took her 5-year-old daughter Cora to a pediatrician for an appointment. Where medical staff members noticed nothing. Out of the ordinary about Lindsay Clancy’s behavior. Assistant District Attorney Jennifer Sprague said in court. After they returned home, he built a snowman with Cora and 3-year-old Dawson. Sending the picture to his mother and her husband, Sprague said.

Massachusetts mom was having ‘one of her best days’ before she allegedly strangled 3 children, husband told police

But when Patrick Clancy leaves home at his wife’s request to get the children medicine and food. The day takes a terrifying turn.

Sprague said he found his wife lying in the backyard after trying to kill herself. A 911 call captured Patrick Clancy “screaming in agony. And shock” after finding the couple’s three young children strangled. With exercise bands in the basement, Sprague said. Cora and Dawson were pronounced dead at a hospital that evening. And 8-month-old Callan died at the hospital three days later.

Lindsay Clancy, 32, is charged with two counts of murder. And three counts of strangulation or strangulation.

“He had to strangle each one of them … and then make sure the bands held their little necks for a few minutes,” Sprague said. “He could have changed his mind at any point … and he didn’t.”

A case ‘horrific and tragic’
The indictment marks Lindsay Clancy’s first public appearance since. The deaths of her children in a case that District Judge John Canavan III described. As “horrific and tragic.” He attended virtually from the undisclosed Massachusetts. Hospital where he was being treated and wore a mask. And what appeared to be a neck brace.

Defense attorney Kevin Reddington said his client is paralyzed from. the waist down because of a spinal cord injury and a broken back. And ribs he sustained while trying to kill himself. He said he was under 24/7 suicide monitoring.

“He is very emotional. Yet, he was unable, and unable, to express any happiness or sadness or tears,” said Reddington.

Reddington said that a month or two ago, Lindsey Clancy said, “I just wish I could feel something.”

On Tuesday, from her bed, Lindsay Clancy spoke to the judge only once, saying, “Yes, your honor.” When asked if she could hear him. She showed little emotion except. When she closed her eyes and wiped away tears after Sprague described how the children died.

The judge ordered him committed to a hospital. For mental health treatment without bail. 

A history of ‘bad thinking’
Lindsey Clancy’s lawyer and prosecutors both said her parents. And husband had been aware of what Reddington described. As the mother’s “severe depression” and “bad thoughts” since the birth of her son, Callan, in May.(Massachusetts)

But when Reddington claimed she was suffering from postpartum depression. “And possibly postpartum psychosis” — a rare condition in which hallucinations. And delusions can alter a person’s reality after childbirth. Sometimes driving them to harm themselves or their children. Prosecutors said Lindsay Clancy told She had no symptoms of postpartum depression. When she was evaluated last year at the Women’s. And Children’s Hospital Center for Behavioral Health in Providence, Rhode Island.The day before the murder, Lindsay Clancy wrote a note on her phone saying. She was “having a touch of postpartum anxiety about going back to work,” Sprague said. A Massachusetts General Hospital representative before confirmed. to TTN Boston that Lindsey Clancy was an employee.

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