Marilyn Manson accused of sexual abuse of a minor in a new lawsuit


An attorney for Manson called the allegations in the lawsuit. “Vicious lies” and said the singer “will not submit to this jerk.”
A lawsuit was filed Monday in New York accusing musician Marilyn Manson of “sexual abuse. Sexual battery, assault and molestation of children and adults.”

Two of Manson’s former labels, Interscope Records. And Nothing Records — an Interscope label that no longer exists. Were also named as defendants in the lawsuit filed in Nassau County. Alleging “protecting, promoting and profiting” on his alleged conduct.

Marilyn Manson accused of sexual abuse of a minor in a new lawsuit

The lawsuit filed on behalf of Jane Doe alleges that Manson. Whose real name is Brian Warner. Sexually assaulted her on his tour bus after an all-ages concert in 1995, when she was 16. It also alleged that Manson threatened to kill her and her family if she told anyone.

Manson groomed the plaintiff, the lawsuit alleges. Encouraging her to send candid photos of herself and her friends. It also alleges that he insisted she attend. One of his concerts in New Orleans in 1995, where he allegedly assaulted her.

The sexual assault continued when the plaintiff was 19. And moved to Los Angeles to date a member of another band. Who had a close relationship with Manson, the lawsuit alleges. The plaintiff began using drugs.

The plaintiff attended one of Manson’s 1999 visits, during. Which he groomed and sexually assaulted her, the lawsuit alleges. Manson “often forced the plaintiff to have sex with him. And other band members or his assistant at the same time” and supplied her with drugs, the lawsuit alleges.

Howard King, an attorney for Manson, called the allegations. In the lawsuit “vicious lies” and said his client “will not submit to this jerk.”

“Brian Warner does not know this man and does not remember ever meeting him 28 years ago. He was certainly never intimate with her,” King said in a statement. “He has been shopping her fabricated stories to tabloids and podcasts for over two years.”

Attorneys for the plaintiffs said Manson, his band and promoters provided children. With posters that contained symbols “of violence, sexual assault. And the devil,” a flier with “I’m a pedophile’s dream.”

“For too long, music industry predators have hid in plain sight. Believing they are above the law,” said Jeff Anderson, an attorney for the plaintiffs. “Today, we demand revenge facing Warner, so he knows he will no longer escape his day in court. This is a day of reckoning.”

The suit also accuses Interscope. And Nothing Records of negligence, saying they “knew or should have known. That Defendant Warner habitually. And routinely engaged in sexual misconduct with minors and minors throughout the country.”

Interscope Records did not immediately respond to a request for comment. Nothing Records was a label created by musician Trent Reznor through Interscope Records. “Sex predators in the music industry don’t work alone,” said Karen Barth Menzies. An attorney for the plaintiffs. “For meaningful change in the music industry. We need to do more than just hold predators accountable.

In 2021, Manson’s ex-girlfriend Evan Rachel. Wood accused him of dressing her up as a teenager and abusing her over the years. Manson has not been charged with any crimes related to Wood’s allegations. He sued Wood for defamation last year.

Manson faced allegations from at least three women in lawsuits filed against him in 2021.

“Game of Thrones” actor Esme Bianco is suing Manson. Alleging that he committed many violent sexual assaults. A rape and other abuses from 2009 to 2013.

Attorneys for Bianco and Manson said this month. That Bianco has agreed to settle his claims against Manson. And Marilyn Manson Records Inc. He “did it to move forward with his life and career,” Bianco’s attorney, Jay Ellwanger, said in a statement 24.

His then-assistant Ashley Walters accused him of sexual exploitation and emotional abuse. The case was dismissed in May, according to Los Angeles County Superior Court records. An appeal is also expected to be formally dismissed. After missing a deadline at the 2nd District Court of Appeal.

Also in 2021, model Ashley Morgan Smithline sued Manson. Alleging sexual assault, sexual battery, and human trafficking.

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