Manhattan DA, ex-prosecutor trade barbs over decision not to prosecute Trump


Mark Pomerantz, who resigned in protest a year ago. Said DA Alvin Bragg should have brought the charges. Bragg said the case was not ready and the investigation is ongoing.
In a new book released Tuesday, the man. Who led the Manhattan district attorney’s investigation. Into Donald Trump’s alleged financial crimes says the case is strong. And that the D.A. Alvin Bragg should have filed charges against the former president.( Manhattan )

“He [Bragg] fails to recognize that the case must be brought to vindicate the rule of law and show. To the public that no one can hold themselves above the law,” writes Mark Pomerantz in “People v. Donald Trump.”

Manhattan DA, ex-prosecutor trade barbs over decision not to prosecute Trump

Asked about Pomerantz’s book on Tuesday, Bragg told reporters. “We have an active ongoing investigation so I’m limited in what I can say. … but here is what I can say. … I bring the hard case when they’re ready. . Cy Vance, to work on the Trump case in December 2020. Given his prior experience in white-collar and complex financial fields.

The investigation focused on whether. Trump manipulated the stated value of his assets to win loans and tax breaks. Pomerantz wanted to accuse Trump of falsifying business records and other crimes related. To Stormy Daniels’ payments and exaggerating his net worth. And said in his book that he had Vance’s approval.

Bragg succeeded Vance as District Attorney in January 2022. Two people familiar with the matter told TTN News that Bragg. And several other professionals soon expressed concern about. The case he was building, including his interpretation of the law. And the lack of substantive information in the memo. Possible complaints. Four prosecutors have left Trump’s investigative team over. The way Pomerantz is running it, people familiar with the matter said.

Sources said Pomerantz did not provide Bragg with. A prosecution memo or order of evidence. A list of claims needed to prove the case, when Bragg took over. They said the Pomerantz team ultimately produced an order of proof when Bragg asked for one. Professional lawyers in the Manhattan office also felt distanced from Pomerantz. And the attorneys he hired outside. The people said. They said some declined to join the team because of concerns. About Pomerantz’s leadership and investigative process.

Sources said appellate attorneys in the Manhattan office — tasked with evaluating the cases. And indictments for any potential challenges in court. Were left out of the process as Pomerantz’s team pushed for a trial.

Two people familiar with the case said they fear the book’s publication. Would give Trump’s lawyers leverage in any court challenge. Should the DA’s office choose to indict him.

The book also criticized the District Attorneys Association of New York. Which said in a statement that “a former prosecutor speaking out during. An ongoing criminal investigation is, as he was, unfortunate and unprecedented.”

“By writing and publishing a book in the midst of an ongoing case. The author is highlighting the norms and ethics of prosecutorial conduct.”

Bragg said Tuesday that he had not read the book, “but I am concerned. That it may jeopardize or undermine our ongoing investigation.” In his resignation letter to Bragg in February 2022, Pomerantz said. “I believe that your decision not to prosecute Donald Trump now. And on the existing record, is misguided. And completely contrary to the public interest.”

Did not want to work on his team and that his team had given the DA’s office much memos and briefings. “We had extensive meetings on the facts and the law, Pomerantz said. “I think the DA was briefed on the facts and the law. If he had any concerns about getting any extra analysis, it would have been provided to him.”

Although he noted in his book that he was aware of concerns about whether the allegations. We’re pretty confident.” were alleging falsified business records. And we had plenty of examples to choose from. We thought we had plenty of documents that had been falsified.

Pomerantz said he doesn’t want to get involved in a public dispute with the DA’s office. And hopes the public can focus on Trump’s behavior described in his book.

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