Man who was fatally shot after firing rifle in Nebraska Target had 13 loaded magazines, police say


A man armed with an AR-15-style rifle and 13 ammunition magazines opened fire Tuesday at an Omaha. Nebraska, Target store before a responding officer killed him, police said.

Man who was fatally shot after firing rifle in Nebraska Target had 13 loaded magazines, police say

The shooting just before noon sent customers running from. The store or hiding in fitting rooms. But no one else appeared to have been shot.

Omaha Police Chief Todd Smaderer said a 911 call about. An active shooter inside the store shortly before noon. Local time prompted a heavy police response from local, state and federal authorities.

“The first arriving officers went into the building. Confronted the suspect and shot and killed him,” Schmaderer said during. a news conference. Police said the man, who has not been identified, opened fire inside the store and was shot. And killed by an Omaha police officer. .

“He had an AR-15 rifle with him and a lot of ammunition,” Schmaderer said.

Omaha police officers and a Nebraska state trooper. entered the target and confronted the gunman with a rifle, police said.

“Officers issued very loud verbal commands to the suspect to drop the rifle.” the police department said in a statement Tuesday evening. An Omaha officer shot and killed the gunman, police said.

At least 29 people called 911, police said. A few customers ran outside after hearing the gunshots. Jasmine Gasker told Omaha’s TTN affiliate WOWT that she was in a fitting room and hid. Others also rush to hide. He reported hearing between 10 and 15 shots.

“I was sure I was going to die. I was sure,” Gasker told the station. He texted people and told them he loved them.

Investigators swept the store but found no victims. And no one had turned themselves in at a local hospital as of Tuesday night, police said.

Mayor Gene Stothert said police saved lives by responding to them.

The department said that the investigation is going on.

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