Man who claimed he had bomb near Capitol pleads guilty


WASHINGTON — A man who caused evacuations. And an hours-long standoff with police on Capitol Hill. When he claimed he had a bomb in his pickup truck outside the Library of Congress pleaded guilty. Friday to a charge of threatening to use an explosive.

Floyd Ray Roseberry of Grover. North Carolina pleaded guilty to felony charges in Washington federal court. He faces up to 10 years in prison and is scheduled to be sentenced in June.

Man who claimed he had bomb near Capitol pleads guilty

An email was sent to his attorney Friday seeking comment.

Roseberry, 52, drove a black pickup truck onto the sidewalk . Outside the Library of Congress in August 2021 and began yelling at people on the street that he had a bomb. He later issued the same bomb threat to police officers. And admitted a litany of anti-government accusations as part of a bizarre episode. That he broadcast live to Facebook viewers.

Police later said they had not found a bomb. But had collected possible bomb-making materials. Roseberry surrendered after about five hours.

During an initial court appearance.

Roseberry told the judge she had not Capitol taken her “psyche medication.” And the judge ordered a mental competency hearing.

A psychiatrist found that the medication Roseberry. Was taking was not treating her diagnosed bipolar disorder. A magistrate judge later ruled that the new treatment was effective. And that Roseberry was fit to stand trial.

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