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Man Shares His Grandfather’s British Indian Passport From 1931, Internet Stunned


Man shares his grandfather’s British Indian passport from 1931, shocks the internet
The passport is about 92 years old.

Most of us read about India’s history in books, school textbooks and other web archives, and our grandparents probably saw it firsthand. However, documents and artefacts from that era are now considered a valuable asset that gives us insight into the past. An internet user recently shared the British Indian passport of his grandfather. Sho is almost 92 years old and it surprised many users on the internet.

British Indian

Anshuman Singh took to Twitter to say that his grandfather would have been around 31 when he was issued a passport in Lahore, now a part of Pakistan. He wrote, “My grandfather’s “British Indian Passport”, was issued in Lahore in 1931. He must have been 31 then.” The passport was of Punjab Rai (as specified by the user) and was valid in Kenya Colony and India till 1936. The photographs also show that the passport bears a photograph of the holder and his signature in Urdu

One page of the passport states,. And Governor-General of India to whom it may concern to permit the bearer to pass freely without. Hindrance or hindrance and to render him all assistance. And for whose protection he May stand if necessary” with the stamp of the then Punjab Govt Many have labeled it a “valuable possession” and a “treasure”. Some even said that the passport deserves a place in a museum.

“Wow, that’s some cool history you’ve got,” said one user.

“The best part is that he knew that the Urdu sign was in Urdu. He saw many immigrants who joined India in 1947 who were mostly Punjabis who spoke and wrote Urdu very well but now it. Has completely disappeared,” added another. A third said, “Wow, nice family history.”

“Getting a passport in 1931. Cool. Most didn’t know what a passport was back then,” added another user.

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