Man Flees Delhi 5-Star Hotel Leaving 23-Lakh Bill, Faked UAE Royals Link


The Delhi Police is on the lookout for Mohammad Sharif, who has been accused of cheating and theft, based on a complaint filed by the Leela Palace hotel management on Saturday.

Sharif checked into room 427 of the Leela Palace on August 1 and left quietly on November 20. Hotel staff claimed he stole several items, including room utensils and a tray of pearls.

Arriving at the hotel in August, Sharif told staff that he worked closely. With Sheikh Falah bin Zayed Al Nahyan, a resident of the United Arab Emirates and member of the Abu Dhabi royal family.

He said he had personally worked with Sheikh and was in India on official business. He even produced a business card, a UAE resident card and other documents to support his story. To sell his story, he regularly chatted with hotel staff about his life in the UAE. Delhi

The room and service bill for his four-month stay was ₹ 35 lakh. He paid Rs 11.5 lakh and left without paying the rest. He gave a check of Rs 20 lakh to the staff on November 20, the day he fled the hotel.

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