“Lt Governor Told Me That BJP Won 104 Seats Because…”: Arvind Kejriwal


New Delhi: A furious Arvind Kejriwal today hit out at Lt Governor VK Saxena for allegedly halting . Delhi teachers’ training tour to Finland, questioning whether. He had a say in the decisions.
“LG, who?” Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal lashed out in a fiery speech at a . Special assembly session called to focus on what the ruling . Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) believes is relentless . Overreach by the lieutenant governor.

“Who is this LG? He is sitting at our head. Who is he to decide how our children should be educated? These people have allowed our children to remain uneducated. LG has no power to stop us. Nothing in life is permanent. We may be in power at the center tomorrow, our With LG. Our government will not harass people,” Kejriwal said.

“My teachers didn’t check my homework. The way this LG is checking my ‘homework’, complaining. About spelling, handwriting…isn’t he my head teacher? I’m an elected Chief Minister,” Mr Kejriwal said, drawing laughter from AAP – main house

Mr Kejriwal and his party accused the lieutenant governor of canceling the . Delhi government’s plan to send primary school teachers to Finland for training. Mr. Saxena denied this, insisting that what he wanted was a cost-benefit analysis.

“I said to him (Lieutenant Governor), who are you to do a cost-benefit analysis? The people elected me. He said ‘the President elected me’. I said, ‘Like the British elected the Viceroys? The Viceroy used to say, ‘You bloody Indians, You don’t know how to govern’. Now you (Lieutenant Governor) are saying ‘You bloody Delhiites. You don’t know how to govern’,” the Delhi CM fumed.

Mr Kejriwal alleged that the Lt Governor had bragged about the BJP winning 104 seats in the. Municipal Corporation of Delhi (MCD) elections in December because of him.

“He told me during a meeting that because of him the BJP won 104 seats in the MCD elections and without him they . Would not have won even 20 seats. the AAP chief said, claiming that Mr Saxena had said that the BJP would because of him. He won all the seven Lok Sabha seats in Delhi in the next general election.

He said that the lieutenant governor does not have the power to take decisions on his own. “The Supreme Court has said that it cannot decide on issues other than police. land and public order,” Mr Kejriwal added.

The Delhi CM also showed a list of “children of BJP MPs, MLAs and ministers . Who have studied abroad” and said that everyone should have access to the best education.

The lieutenant governor yesterday. Denied blocking the teachers’ visit and said he wanted. The government to consider training teachers within the country. “Any statement to the contrary is misleading and intended,” he said.

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